BackBlast, Stretch Marks, August 30

The Pax:  Deliverance, Gilmore, Mulligan, Flounder, Tarde, Kay, Checkbook, FloRida (QIC)

Three curious first-timers posted to the humid gloom to sample the flexibility breakfast.  Checkbook, seeking any excuse to avoid the 24/7 frenzy of last minute wedding preparations at home, posted early in order to have first choice at a space.  Deliverance sought out a new vista, but Flounder was specific about returning to his assigned seat.  Tarde arrived on time but empty-handed, yet, as Gilmore observed, managed to magically produce a yoga mat before the first stretch.  #BePrepared.

Standing Stretch Sequence:

  • Arms overhead, arch back, arch left, arch right.
  • Arms out to sides, helicopter to left, helicopter to right,
  • Arms relaxed, fold forward.
  • Wide legs stance,   windmill to right, windmill to left; twist to right, twist to left.

Table Top sequence, starting on Hands and Knees:

  • Alternate arch spine up, arch spine down (cat and cow). Turn the corner
  • Knees wide, arm outstretched, lower hips (child)
  • Return to TableTop.  Keep knees in place and walk forward with hands to straighten back.  Press belly down toward ground (upward dog).

Supine sequence from Body Destroyer position.

  • Left knee to chest, left ankle across the body to the ground outside right thigh.
  • Pull left knee toward right shoulder.
  • Repeat opposite side with right leg across body to outside the left leg.

Sitting Position – Z-sit, L&R.

Name-arama & COT.  Kay pointed out that this will be less pleasant in cold weather. YHC agrees, although perhaps defines “cold” differently than Kay.

Q sheet has space for signup to lead Thursday stretching.  YHC is happy to continue to Q this session, but willingly cedes leadership on any given Thursday to any pax ready for a change of pace.

QIC floated the idea of a venue change to Kernersville Farmers Market near town hall on E Mountain Street, where a large fully-covered, well-drained, and wide-open shelter is available to keep the pax dry under almost any conditions.  Plenty of time to ponder and discuss.

Always an joy to participate, an honor to belong, and a privilege to lead.