Back-Blast: Poison Ivey – 2,4,6,8….

31 Pax, including YHC, decided to show up to find out what was in store for a 2nd anniversary celebration.

The Pax included : Mulligan,  Thumper,  Fortran(Q), Bambi, Flounder, Gilmore, Checkbook, Sludge, Deliverance, Lucky Charms, Jitterbug,  Crawdaddy, Water Wings, Dean, Red Hot, Spicoli, Dr. Evil, Man Hands, Kryptonite, Epstein, Shutterfly, Shear Conn, Tool Time, Fargo, Crankbait, Wham-O, FloRida, Gisele, Thin Mint, Tenderfoot, Tarde

After an adrenaline rush powered but flawless disclaimer we moseyed to the upper parking lot for……

Warm O Rama:

Side Straddle Hops x 20

Hillbillys x 20

Abe Vigodas x 10

Cotton Pickers x 11 (#daydreaming)

The Thang:

After counting off in groups of 7 for absolutely no reason, YHC described the 7, hmmm, exercise stations that made up a full cycle:

  1.  Plank Destroyer x 2 (at the bottom of the hill)
  2.  Copperhead Squats x 4
  3.  Exploding Lt. Dans x 6
  4.  Bobby Hurleys x 8
  5.  Merkins x 10
  6.  Monkey Humpers (IC) x 12
  7.  Dips x 14

The cycles began at the hill and added a station on each subsequent cycle as we made our way across the parking lot, i.e. 2 reps, then 2 4, then 2 4 6, then 2 4 6 8, etc. ending with the 14 dips at the softball field concession stand.  After completing the full cycle, repeat the full and then begin to decrease each time.  YHC managed to make it through 10 cycles before time somehow ran out and we almost missed…


LBCs x 20

Cindy Crawfords x 10 left and 10 right

American Hammers x 2

Prayer Concerns:

Please continue to pray for Alexis and Amber (Mulligan’s family members) with health concerns. Also, please sign-up on the Q Sheet for a prayer chain for Alexis and Amber.


Duvet’s moving party, September 8, sign-up tab on Q sheet.  Also, “that woman” needs some furniture moved at her house, maybe this Saturday after the workout (and some breakfast, maybe?).  See Dr. Evil for details.

Dr. Evil led us out.

Always an honor gentlemen.  I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I started.  As Jitterbug commented this morning, “time flies when you’re having fun…”.



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