Back Blast: Red, White and Boom Monday – 40 for 40 by 365

About the numbers: 365 days ago YHC attended his virgin F3 beat down.  It was U. G. L. Y. and I didn’t have no alibi.  For weeks, if not months, I was the six on EVERYTHING.
I slowly improved, and have worked my way up to a “solid” lower 1/3 of the Pax performer.

40: On day 1, YHC was talking to Florida who he then only knew as Mike Cronin and he was telling how he lost 40 lbs within a year of his first workout.  Not knowing that FloRida was the Sugar Ray of perfect technique and a “no short cut, finish every rep” fanatic, I figured 40 lbs was a reasonable goal, so I set the same goal.  Naïve. Naïve. Naïve.    As Phil Mickelson said when he screwed the pooch on the final hole of the 2016 US Open, “I’m such an idiot”.

To improve my chances of reaching my goal, I started doing extra credit runs prior to workouts in sometime around February, and I’m pretty sure there was an “underground sign-up roster” for a designated 911 caller to run with me each morning.

But, with much blood, sweat and tears here I am a year later, 40 lbs lighter.  Thanks for the support, gentlemen.  And I mean that!

8/27 18 Beat down @ 4th of July Park (from memory):

25 Pax: Shear Con, Sludge, Kay, Flounder, Fanny Pack, Cube, Duvet, Tender Foot, Bambi, Fortran, Crawdaddy, Water Wings, Thin Mint, Blue Hen, Pacer, Serta, Man Hands, Gilmore, Jitterbug, Red Hot, Radar, Deliverance, Epstein, FNG Josh Lastnameindistinguishable, and Q-in-charge Checkbook.

15 SSHs – Pacer was assigned High Knees – and he was very happy about it.
10 Dean Vigodas.
12 Imperial Squats
10 Cotton Pickers

The Thang
Mosey to the KES front field.  Divide evenly into 2 groups for the Tunnel of Love.  MUCH mumblechatter!  First team to finish holds Al Gore.  Losers complete 5 Burpees to a hail of positive encouragement.

Mosey to the benches at the back of the school.  20 Dips and 20 Step-up.  Total of 40 reps for the pain station.

Mosey to the hill behind the school.  10 Merkins at the top of the hill.  Run down for 10 more Merkins, Backwards up the hill for 10 more Merkins.  Repeat until 40 Merkins are complete.

Mosey back to the benches at the back of the school – Q is improvising at this point after realizing things are progressing way to fast.  20 Lt. Dans and 20 Carolina Dry Docks.  Total of 40 reps for the pain station.

Mosey back to the hill for a rinse and repeat of hills and merkins.  Total of 40 reps for the pain station.

Mosey to the park entrance for 40 Curb Bangers.

Assemble at the basketball court baseline.  Partner up for two sets of suicides and planking.

10 Sweat Angles (IC)
15 Low/Slow Flutters (IC)
25 American Hammers (IC)

Welcome FNG, Josh Lastnameindistinguishable.  A former player and 16 year college football coach from the University of North Dakoda (UND).  Now an Executive Recruiter.  Quote: “Recruiting executives is easier.  They aren’t 17”.  UND’s arch rival is the North Dakoda State Bison in Fargo, ND.  FNG’s F3 name is now “Fargo”…at least until Gilmore insists on changing it.
Cube called for 81 Prisoner Get-ups in honor of Veteran and US Senator John McCain.  3 reps each got us to the 81 (age at time of death).  Nice call, Cube..
Review the new Q sheet and support the new (additional) workout AOs starting 9/5/18.
Labor Day Special – 9/3/18  60 minute beatdown with 6:00 AM launch time to support our senior citizen brother and Q-in-charge, Lucky Charm on his 60th birthday.  @luckycharm, don’t get any big ideas.  60 reps of anything is too much.
Tuesday morning devotions.  Every Tuesday morning at Denny’s in Kernersville.  Bring your tools.
Knock Mulligan off the Mulligan family prayer chain.  Sign up on Slack to cover Mulligan’s family, Brad, April and Alexis Bezilla in prayer as Alexis recovers from and April fights her battle with cancer.

Gilmore took us out in prayer.

Truly an honor to serve this bunch of fine-hearted men.

-Checkbook, out…