Poison Ivey August 22, 2018

Poison Ivey      August 22, 2018

31 Pax members decided to join the fun and festivities on this fine morning.

The Pax included : WallE, Mulligan, Kay, Thumper, Blue Hen, Fortran, Kaizen, Duvet, YoYo, Bambi, Flounder, Gilmore, Checkbook, Sludge, Deliverance, Lucky Charms, Jitterbug, FannyPack, Crawdaddy, WaterWings, Dean, Redd Hott, Spicoli, Dr. Evil, Man Hands, Kryptonite, ShearConn, Sprinkler, Epstein,   Bob Langlais (FNG) forever to be known as Shutterfly

Q: CrankBait

After several folks saying they loved doing the exercises in the 4 corners of the parking lot, I felt compelled to oblige……

Warm OH Rama:

Cusack Indian run

Side Straddle Hop x 15

Abe Vigoda’s (can’t remember how many)

Plankjacks x 15

3 mile run

The Thingy:

After a very selective and scientific process of selecting 4 evenly balanced teams based on height, mental stamina, and hair color.  These 4 groups started at pre-defined locations with in the complex and proceeded to perform the defined calisthenics and repetitions (noted below).  At each station, each team member shared 1 thing they were thankful for.

By baseball field – Corner of parking lot

round 1) 10 Lt Dans

round 2) 30 high Knees IC

round 3) 30 squats

Carry to the next station= side step

Baseball concession pavillion

Round 1) 20 monkey humpers IC

Round 2) 10 Set-ups – Each Leg

Round 3) 20 Mt climbers IC

Carry to the next station=backwards run

Corner near Soccer Field

Round 1) 20 Merkins

Round 2) 20 Dry docks

Round 3) 20 Curb touches IC

Carry to next station= sprint


Round 1) 25 SSH IC

Round 2) 30 Goofballs IC

Round 3) 5 Hill’s (up and down is ONE)

Carry to next station= sprint


Dying Cockroach x 86

Falling Superman x a bunch

Homer / Marge / Mr. Burns  x until I said stop

Hammers x 15

Prayer Concerns: Sprinkler’s co-worker with a 7 month old son (his name is Ridge) with Spina bifida and other health concerns.  Kaizen’s son, Carter, starting school and a big transition for him.

Please continue to pray for Alexis and Amber (Mulligan’s family members) with health concerns. Also, please sign-up on the Q Sheet for a prayer chain for Alexis and Amber.

Announcements: Watch for the upcoming announcements of additional workout options (dates and locations).

Always an honor