Backblast- Stretch Thursday, August 23, 2018

9 vacationing pax, including a regular guest and a surprise 2.0 of the daughter variety, posted to spa-like conditions for a rejuvenating stretch between beatdowns.

The Pax:  Flounder, Deliverance,  Mulligan, Pacer, Sludge, High Heels, Checkbook, Amanda (2.0), FloRida (QIC)

The Thang:

  1. Sitting sequence – Crossleg, fold forward.  Arch backward.  Straight Leg fold forward.  Cobbler.
  2. Warrior stance sequence – stand with legs wide.  Slow static Cotton Picker, forward and reverse.  Sideways lunge, Sideways reach down,  Sideways twist down.  Alternating L&R.
  3. Supine twist sequence – lay on back.   Pull left knee to chest, then across body.  Plant Left foot outside right leg.  Pull left knee and ankle to chest.  Repeat right side.    Roll left knee over right leg to the ground, then work left shoulder and arm back toward the ground.  Repeat right side.
  4. Close with breathing and straight leg sit.

COT – reminder about the move on Saturday.  YHC led us out.