BackBlast: Poison Ivey – Partner Love

A whole bunch of Pax (34 to be exact) showed up early on a Wednesday morning to experience some partner love. With the large mass gathered, it didn’t take long for the Q to realize he wasn’t in High Point anymore! Perhaps if I could just tap my camel toes together 3 times, but no luck so with no other choice we were going to have to modify the weinke. With a lot of yelling to get everyone assembled in 3 lines, we took off Indian style with a side of Cusack to make our way to the adjacent parking lot to begin the warm-up.

Warm-O-Rama (IC):

  • SSH X20
  • Mountain Climber X20
  • Goofballs X20
  • Imperial Walker X20
  • Cotton Picker X20

The Pax then paired up for some partner love.

The Thang:

Partners split up and went to opposite ends of the parking lot. Perform respective exercise making way toward your partner. Once the partners meet, they swap exercises

Round 1:

  • P1 – Bear crawl
  • P2 – Broad Jump Burpee

Round 2:

  • P1 – Forward Lunge
  • P2 – Reverse Lunge

Round 3:

  • P1 – Frankensteins
  • P2 – Sloth Walk

Following the partner love, pairs joined forces into quads for some 4 corners. Teams of 4 would complete the listed exercises at each corner. The total number completed by the team and then move to next corner.

  • Corner 1 – 50 hills
  • Corner 2 – 100 Lt. Dan
  • Corner 3 – 150 Booya Merkins
  • Corner 4 – 200 Monkey Humpers

The mass of Pax then ran as fast as possible to the lower lot and assembled for some Mary. Those who arrived early were treated to WW1s OYO until the 6 joined.

6MOM (IC):

  • WW1 Cockroach X10
  • Low Slow Wide Flutter X10
  • Slow Extended Flutter X10
  • Hammers X10

PAX: Tardy, YoYo, Chipper, Tender Foot, Lucky Charm, Candy Corn, Dean, Kay, Checkjbook, Tooltime, Epstein, Fortran, Deliverance, Flounder, Froto, Crawdaddy, Sugar Plum, Candy Cane, Sludge, Water Wings, Man Hands, FloRida, Sprinkler, Red Hot, Bambi, Crankbait, Blue Hen, Mulligan, Pacer, Spicoli, Whamo, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, Kryptonite

Q: Kryptonite

COT: Birthday burpees for Crankbait…and 5 extra for Gilmore who due to his age couldn’t remember his age.

Prayer requests for Mulligan’s Sister-in-Law. Crankbait to establish a prayer sign-up on Slack.

Gilmore to send out request for those who can help with a move on 23rd and 25th; Looking to open a new AO

FloRida kindly and eloquently led us out

Indeed an honor gentlemen!

Aye – Kryptonite


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