Preblast: Roadtrip to Harmon Park Saturday 8/18/18

We are at Harmon Park this Saturday, because 4th of July Park is being used for the Honeybee festival.

Parking is available at Harmon park itself, and at First Citizen’s Bank at 134 S. Main St., and the lot behind Bistro B.

Weather: Gloom

Where: Harmon Park, gather at Flagpole

When: Saturday 8-18-18 @6:30AM take-off.  Gather anytime prior.

Why: To see how many places we can do Monkey Humpers, Rosalita Whips, and other attractive exercises.

Who: You. Yeah you. The guy that’s reading this.  Plus anyone you EH.

How: To the best of your ability.  Modify as necessary.

About that road trip…