BackBlast – Pretzel Logic, Thursday August 16

The Pax:  Flounder, Deliverance, Checkbook, Mulligan, Crawdaddy, Dean, Pacer, FloRida (QIC)

A veteran Pax of eight shook off the fartsack for a quick wiggle between beatdowns, hoping to jumpstart the day, perhaps forestall injury, or maybe seek a higher level of consciousness.  With no FNGs, YHC didn’t even attempt a mission, purpose or disclaimer (#PhoneItIn), and went straight to the stretchy-thang, a back and legs flow sequence starting with:

  1. Cross-Leg sit – focus on straight back, long neck, deep breaths.  Slow neck rolls right and left.
  2. Wide-Leg sit – slow reach down right leg, then left leg
  3. Cobbler’s Pose – Sit with knees bent.  Hold toes and pull feet toward torso.  Fold forward.
  4. Child’s Pose – Kneel with legs open wide.  Fold forward.  Reach chin, shoulders, chest toward floor.
  5. Table Top – hands and knees.  Right side calf stretch, leg pump, bird dog.  Repeat Left side.
  6. Low Lunge, Lizard, Pigeon – returning to table top after each; with Cow, Cat, and Corner to break up the stretches.  Alternating L & R.  Difficult for YHC to get into the Pigeon;  even more difficult to get out!
  7. Lie back and pull knees to chest.  Hold toes and straighten legs up and out.
  8. Z-sit – left and right.

Good work by all:  going slow, pushing deeply and breathing to extend stretches.  Some pax found themselves in entirely new positions!  Hope your body and mind are both a little more relaxed

Announcements:  Remember to reply to Gilmore today regarding move help next week.

Prayers for Mulligan’s sister-in-law and her family as they face a second cancer diagnosis.

Blessings to teachers back to school today.

Thanks to the support from today’s Pax.  Looks like Thursday Stretch-a-rama is worth continuing.  Always a joy to participate and an honor to lead.