fity ain’t so bAD

12 PAX gathered in the sticky gloom to celebrate Crankbait’s impending milestone birthday, the biG 50. In honor of this glorious event YHC created a “50” themed workout. Here’s how it went………

PAX: Mulligan, Blue Hen, Kryptonite, Kay, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Pacer, Doubtfire, Epstein, Chipper, Crankbait and Gilmore (Q)

We moseyed to Lucky Charm’s tennis courts (that would be the basketball court) for a warm up consisting of 25 SSH’s IC, 25 Hammers (Merican style) and 25 SSH’s IC, lots of hemming and hawing about SSH’s…….

Moseyed to one of the parking lots for 4 rounds, 20-15-10-5 (which coincidentally adds up to 50), of burpees and low slow flutters IC, more whining this time about the number 50…….

at this point YHC moseyed over towards the hill (the ensuing complaining about running the hill on wet grass has only been surpassed by the incessant whining about the mud run from OVER 1 year ago) caused YHC to alter plans instead using the parking lot beside the track for a session of Jacob’s Ladder. Using incline of the parking lot for the hill with shoulder taps at the bottom, PAX was instructed to start at 10 reps and work down to 1, skipping the 5 reps mark because doing so meant a total of… guessed it, 50 shoulder taps……….

then went right to the track for some lap work, PAX was directed to run 1 lap then complete 10 bobby hurleys, a total of 5 laps were completed and 50 bobby hurley’s……..

PAX moseyed to the benches at the bus zone for another round of 20-15-10-5, this time with irkins and derkins followed by a round of 25 step ups, each leg….

PAX then moseyed back towards the basketball court for MARY with a stop along the road for 25 monkey humpers IC for all of Kernersville to see, some PAX suggested doing this exercise in front of the school might be a little risque, only time will tell….anyway MARY was 25 pretzel crunches, each side, followed by 25+1 (to grow on) Hammer (Merican style). Last, but certainly not least AND because Crankbait’s soon to be 50 we all did 5 birthday burpees.


Please keep Mulligan, his sister in law, April and her family in your prayers. After going thru another round of cancer therapy treatment with her daughter, Alexis, Mulligan’s sister in law has been diagnosed with liposarcoma in the stomach. Prayer chain for this family is being considered.

PAX looking into acquiring a portable defibrillator, heart attacks do not discriminate….more to follow and PLEASE brush up on your CPR…..

Dr. Evil finishing up KAIROS prison ministry……..

Kay hosting a guys weekend

Praise for the group and how lucky we are to have the camaraderie and fellowship

Cannot remember who prayed but someone did……

Be kind to the people that you meet………