Flash Bang Friday Backblast – A Jaunt to the Far Side – not attended by Far Side

18 Pax posted in the clear but humid gloom for a 0530  jaunt to the far side.  Epstein, Kay, Sludge, Gilmore, Shear Con, Water Wings, Man Hands, Sprinkler, Dr. Evil, Mulligan, Radar, Crankbait, Blue Hen, Dean, Lucky Charm, Chipper, Tender Foot, and YHC, Checkbook.

SSHs (0)
Ave Vigodas (8) IC
Cotton Pickers (10) IC
Sun gods (12) IC and Reverse
Chinook Squats (10) IC
Imperial Wakers (10) IC

Jaunt to the park entrance.

The Thang
Ascending Curb Crawls – 1 Derkin on the curb, bear crawl to the Far Side of the street. 2 Derkins, bear crawl back – ladder up to 5 derkins.

Jaunt to the back bus parking lot.

Walking Lunges –  to the Far Side of the parking lot. (5) WWI sit-ups. Reverse Lunge back. (10) WWI sit-ups. Rinse/repeat up to (20) WWI sit-ups in increments of (5s).

Jaunt to the upper parking lot benches.

Monkey Drill – think basketball defensive slides – to the Far Side of the parking lot.  (5) Freddy Murcurys.  Return.  Oh yea.  Touching the ground with your knuckles with each step. Ladder up to (20) in increments of (5s).

Jaunt to the front door of the school.

Curb Bangers – Derkin position on the curb.  (30) seconds of alternating hands up and down from the top of the curb to the bottom on a quick four count.  (15) seconds rest.  Rinse/repeat.  Pax completed three rounds and determined it was a lot harder than it sounds.

Jaunt to the basketball court.

Sweat Angels (15) IC
Cindy Crawfords (15) each side – Reverse
Low/slow Flutters (15) IC
Reverse Crunches (15) IC
American Hammers ( 25)

Announcements/Prayer Requests
*  Dr. Evil Qs our regular workout on Monday at 4th of July Park.  Dean will Q an alternate workout at the same time at the Ivey Redman AO to “test the waters” for Pax interest in offering multiple workout options and smaller Pax size.
*  Kiros Ministry leader training this weekend.
*  Yemen tragedy where student activity bus was hit by a rocket killing upwards of 30 children.
*  Thankfulness for the security we enjoy in our country.

YHC lead us out.

Always an honor to lead this fine group of men.  Thank you for the opportunity.