Monday August 6, 2018


17 Pax members with the Q and an FNG totaled 18 posted this morning to workout.


Pax: Thin Mint, Kay, Sher Con, Tender Foot, Chipper, Blue Hen, Bambi, FloRida, Dr. Evil, Wham-o, Special ED, Tardy, Mulligan, Flounder, Check Book, Pacer and FNG Jay Saran and will forever be known as Man Hands



Q: Sludge


We took a short Mosey (Some of us!!!  Those who did not except Special Ed THE SHAME, THE SHAME!!!) to the circle for warmarama.


Hilly Billy’s

Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods

Frankenstein’s Rockette Style

The Thang

We separated into Sugar Rays and Respects and the Respects picked their partners wisley.

We moseyed up to the ramp behind the school.

We did ladders starting with 9 reps and if the exercise could be done in cadence it was.

Respect’s did one exercise while Sugar Ray’s did the other exercised called then they swapped until the ladder was completed.


Station 1

Straight leg pullups using the ramp hand rail (Tclaps to Kay)

Camel Toes

We moseyed to the car rider benches

Station 2

Hand release derkins

Exploding Lt Dan’s

We moseyed to the track area around pull up bars

Station 3

Knee ups

Crab cakes

We moseyed to the circle for Mary


Pax did LBC’s until the 6 arrived

Bicycle WWI’s

American Hammers


Prayer Request and Praises

  1. Dr Evils Mission trip to Central Prison
  2. Everyone who prayed


Guys weekend at Kay’s parent’s lake house.  Please sign up no matter what time you can get there or if you can only stay for a few hours by Wednesday.

Tardy led us out.

It is always an honor to lead this group.