08-03-2018 – Flash Bang Friday – Backblast

…and so our journey continues…

It was after a long week of mild drizzle
that 20 faithful PAX arrived in glorious fashion for a typical Flash Bang Friday beat down. PAX included Pacer, Tool Time, Checkbook, Sprinkler, Tarde, Tenderfoot, Epstein, Dean, Spicoli, Kay, Sack, Crawdaddy, Thinmint, Flounder, FloRida, Muligan, Deliverance, Sanchez, Gilmore, and YHC Yoyo.  At 0530, YHC quickly assessed the group and finding no new guys… oh wait a visitor… finding one FNG… “No, he is a visitor not an FNG”… Right, finding one visitor, YHC began uttering a flawless rendition of the pre-amble and disclaimers. Well, I think all the words were there, just not in the right order.

Once that was out of the way, the mosey was underway to shelter #2. Once the lights were turned on, YHC could see so much more clearly what he was working with…

So we jumped right into Warm-O-Rama!


Mountain Climbers 25 IC
Plank Jacks 25 IC
Abe Vigoda’s 5 IC – with the last one held for long count.
Sun Gods – Sobriety Style 10 each direction (hoping to stop the rain)

Next, we moved on to The Thang!

The Thang: “Covered Wagon Wheel”
Not sure of the weather, the entire workout was prepared in the shelter, wagon wheel style. Each spoke of the wheel was an exercise, and overflow was the HUB. And the wheels on the bus go round and round! This is what it is supposed to look like, in case you haven’t ever seen a wheel before…

Spokes of the Wheel:
1. Butt to Heel Squat Jumps
2. Merkin’s (any style)
3. Dips
4. LBC’s (apparently any style…according to DEAN.)

5. Homer/Marge
6. Lt. Dan’s
7. Burpees
8. Kettlebell – Snatch/Clean Press/Dead Lift

The hub of the wheel was the overflow, alternating between Superman’s and Planks.

Each station was 1 minute of exercise, then move directly to next station. YHC had a wonderful mix of Sunshiny songs to play, but Pacer once again brought out his Bluetooth Jammer so only his music would work.

At long last, time was completed,

and it was time for a nice easy mosey through the woods back to the basketball court.

Time for Mary’s…
Cindy Crawfords… oh wait, look at the time…

American Hammers 25ish IC. Thank you Sprinkler for pointing out that it doesn’t count if the Q has his feet on the ground… so that being said, most of the PAX did 25, YHC managed about 1 or 2, but let’s look at the true source…

AHA, I knew it…feet are on the ground!


Keep the Men at Kairos in prayer – Fill up the prayer vigil list.
Reminder for men to go to New Story Church tomorrow.
Wal-e update – doing very well, only today and next week left, then he will be back home.

Gilmore had everyone take a knee and lead us out in prayer.

22 Merkins for our veterans!

Always and Honor,

Steve “Yoyo” Brannan