Stretch Armstrong, Thursday August 2 – beta test – Backblast

The Pax:  Flounder, Deliverance, Sludge, FloRida (QIC)

Four curious pax posted their rigid spines and contracted hamstrings to the familiar confines of the Convalescent Center to test drive YHC’s dream of a true Recovery Day workout, dedicated to Flexibility, the third and oft-neglected leg of the fitness stool.  Sludge, hearing “stretch” which equates with “yoga” which equates with “yoga instructor” which equates…  Well, you get the picture.  Sludge posted with dreams of another sort.

After a weak disclaimer that consisted primarily of, “I’m not sure how this is going to go, but do everything very slowly.”, the Pax launched straight into a slow, tip-to-toes approximation of the classic yoga Sun Salutation:

  1. Standing position – Arms above head.  Reach for the ceiling,
  2. Arch backward, starting with head and continuing with back.  Return to standing.  Keep arms up.
  3. Arch to left side;  Return to standing.  Keep arms up.
  4. Arch to right side;  Return. Lower arms to horizontal, parallel with floor and extended to sides.
  5. Twist to left side, starting with head and continuing with back.  Return to center.  Twist to right side.  Return to center.
  6. Lower arms to side and relax them at the shoulders.  Roll head and neck.
  7. Fold forward at the waist slowly, lowering hands to floor.
  8. Return to standing, and repeat the entire series.
  9. End second series with hands  on floor, left leg forward and right leg back, in sprinter position.
  10. Straighten right (back) leg and lean forward on front leg.
  11. Drop right (back) knee to floor and distribute weight on forward (left) foor and back (right) knee.  Hands on floor outside feet for balance.  Partially straighten front (left) leg to push your six back.
  12. Open front (left) leg and bring forward to position left knee outside of left elbow.  Pull six forward to open left leg further.
  13. Return to center, switch front and back legs and repeat.
  14. Push both legs back and lay down on floor, facing down.  Arch spine to lift head, shoulders and chest up, while keeping hips and legs on floor.  Use arms for support and balance.
  15. Recover to hands and knees.  From this position,
  16. Arch spine upward (cat) and hold.  Return to neutral.
  17. Arch spine downward (cow) and hold.  Return to neutral.  Repeat cat and cow.  End in neutral.
  18. Drop your six back over heels, fold at the waist and extend hands forward, lowering shoulders and face toward the floor (child).
  19. Press your six up into a pike, with straight legs and straight arms forming an inverted V (Carolina Dry Dock or downward dog).
  20. Recover and sit on floor.
  21. Tuck left foot into zipper, tuck right foot outside right hip.  (Z sit)  Raise left arm and relax hips.  Switch legs and repeat.

Doesn’t sound like much, but it took us 50 minutes.  Go slow.  Focus on form.  Remember to breathe.  Stretch a little more with each exhale.

With a pax of only four, running a little late, and already overdosed on intimacy, QIC omitted the Namarama and COT.   The limbered-up and mellowed-down pax calmly dispersed into the morning rain, ready to face the chaos of another day.

And, as for the yoga instructor, YHC is definitely not posting any pictures to this backblast.  What happens In The Gloom stays In The Gloom.  Curious pax will have to use their imagination or pry it out of Sludge.

Thanks to Sludge, Deliverance and Flounder for the company this am.  Feedback is invited.  The topic of a repeat or a semi-regular Thursday Stretcharama is open for discussion.

Always a joy to participate and an honor to lead.






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