67 – Poison Ivey Backblast for 8-1-18

This workout was built around the number 67.  This is in memory of my dear stepfather, Robert Wayne Mann, who lived a rich life of 67 years.  In addition, 1967 was the year his band Nova’s Nine was formed. Nova’s Nine recorded the single “Pain”, which became a regional hit, topping out at #4 on the Charlotte area radio station charts in 1968, and leading to a record deal with ABC.  (enjoy: https://youtu.be/2SKn0_ShKbI) While he remained a talented Saxophone player throughout his life, Robert also went on to be one heck of an engineer, a talented woodworker, an adventurous world traveler, a connoisseur of sci-fi/disaster movies, and a wonderful family leader.  He was also a master of quips, puns, one-liners, sarcasm, and “dad humor”. He is sorely missed.


  • SSH x6IC
  • Newton’s cradle x7IC
  • TTT x13IC
  • Flying sun gods sobriety style (AKA Nancy Kerrigans) x6IC fwd x7IC rev
  • SSH x13IC
  • Exploding clock Lt. Dans x15IC (Lt. Dan, then explode a quarter turn, 3, 6, 9, 12 O’clock.  Kinda like the Macarena.)

(Total 67 counted movements for WAR)

FloRida’s timing was impressive, at least to YHC.  Fashionably late.  He may have slid into the parking lot on two wheels, but he made it in time for The Thang…


The Thang: 67

Was going to use the lacrosse field, but with all the rain, moved it to the parking lot.  You’re welcome.

Setup is a starting line and 4 exercise lines. For each round, there was a specified mode of travel and an exercise.  Travel to first line, perform the exercise, turn 90 degrees clockwise, then continue to subsequent lines always rotating 90 degrees clockwise upon reaching the next exercise line. Done correctly, you would travel forward (12 o’clock) to the first line, then left-sideways (3 o’clock), then backwards (6 o’clock), then right-sideways (9 o’clock).

YHC, knowing the chaos that was yet to come…

Counting and turning? Get’cha’ popcorn ready!

Going lengthwise down the field and back…

  1. Run… alternating 6 and 7 Bobby Hurleys each line.
  2. Run… alternating 6 and 7 WWIs each line.
  3. Run… alternating 6 and 7 merkins each line.
  4. Lunge-clap… alternating 6 and 7 LBCs each line.
  5. Lunge-clap…alternating 6 and 7 shoulder taps each line.
  6. Bear-crawl… alternating 6 and 7 burpees each line.
  7. Run… alternating 6 and 7 monkey humpers each line.
  8. Skip… alternating 6 and 7 copperhead squats each line.
  9. Bunny hop… alternating 6 and 7 parker peters each line.
  10. Crab-walk… alternating 6 and 7 dying cockroaches each line.
  11. Run…alternating 6 and 7 mountain climbers each line.

Hopefully all the variations on a theme allowed each of you to find exercises where you excelled, while also presenting some exercises that challenged you to get better.  As evidence of this, YHC noted that different members of the Pax tended to jump out to a lead or fall behind on the different rounds…

Everyone is good at something. You’ve just got to find that “something”.

Unfortunately we “only” got in 11 rounds of this, which is good because YHC was on the verge of merlot following the Bear Crawl Burpee round.  Sadly, YHC had to walk the last segment of the crab walk.

Image result for my bad gif

If you can’t do it, don’t Q it

Overheard mumblechatter:

  • “Are these in cadence?”
  • “Hey, can you guys just pick up the last set of these burpees for me?”
  • “Are these in cadence?”
  • “Leaky vegetables” (or was that leafy?)
  • “Are these in cadence?”
  • “Are these in cadence?”
  • “Are these in cadence?”

Reminds me of…

Image result for are we there yet gif

Are we there yet?

…and as a result, I may have been thinking…


  • Homer-Marge – x6
  • Crabcakes x7IC
  • Hurricane flutters x33IC (11 seated w/ arms up, 11 seated w/ arms down, 11 regular low slow flutters)
  • AH – x21

(Total 67 counted movements for 6MOM)



  • Count-o-rama: 25
  • Name-o-rama: Serta, Checkbook, Crawdaddy, Flounder, Blue hen, Chipper, Deliverance, Gilmore, Yoyo, Mulligan, Pacer, Wham-O, Lucky Charms, Red Hott, Dr. Evil, Thin Mint, Kandy Kane, FloRida, Shear Con, Crankbait, Dean, Tenderfoot, Epstein, Sludge, Tarde (Q).
  • Prayer concerns and announcements: Pray for Dr. Evil and the team of folks visiting the prison as part of the Kairos ministry, Workday at New Story Church on Waughtown St 9AM-12PM Saturday and bring tools, Men’s Lake gathering weekend of Aug 11th, praise for local woman Kathleen Baker who just broke world record in 100M backstroke.
  • BOM: Sludge led us out in prayer.

Always an honor, Tarde

p.s. make it count.

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