Backblast 7-28-18 Pain in the park Treasure Hunt Goonies style

Let me start by painting a picture for all of you who fartsacked….bob ross GIF


the goonies film GIF

15 adventurous PAX gathered in the gloom to find a treasure map that surely led to riches beyond our imagination. Glad there were no pics snapped of me and Epstein’s shirts.

Treasure Hunt

The objective was very simple. Read the clues and guess correctly to get to the treasure. Guess wrong and get caught by the boodie traps. Thats what I said boobie traps.


Quad stretch-10 count ea.

Hip flexor stretch- 10 count ea.

Abes-3count ea side-10

Sun gods- sob style-10 ea. way
Chinnoks(karate kid style)-10 ea. way
Clue #1-covered entrance where you wont get wet if it rains.
3 Choices here…… which one you gonna choose? The closest porte cochere and most obvious.frustrated the goonies GIF
BOOBIE TRAP…………….10 Burpees. ..  Guess again.
The PAX decided to choose the next closest option and are correct. Flo-rida was given the task of chosing a number 1-4. This would determine the pain station song and exercise. #3 was chosen and the moans and mumble chatter was rampant when the music started. alison brie community GIF
By the end of the song the PAX looked like this…..police GIF
Some looked like the stripes and others looked like they wanted me to be the stripes.
Clue #2-ball fields are fun. Pick the right one
After a short discussion of which field to choose. The PAX traveled to the football field. I heard excitement and anticipation of another BEEP test. the goonies 80s GIF
BOOBIE TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kay and the other sugar rays tried to bypass but it was too late. 10 Burpees….. Modified to 5 as the Q knew what else was in store. The PAX traveled to the other ball field and were instructed to line up on the Bus lines-bear crawl-merkin ea line.
Clue #3track your progress. (Ok its not a very hard or good clue so sue me). The PAX took a short mosey to the track to find this….
30 pull-ups,20-Lt. dans. The PAX started to question the Q about the workout looking good on paper or maybe the Q mixed up the numbers for the exercises. YHC got a little rough w/ said PAX and I have the security footage from the school.the goonies GIF
You can guess how that turned out.
Clue #4-You should always sign your name at the front paper when at school.
Field of burpees-till omaha. Some PAX were worried with not knowing how long the pain would last. It didnt help that this hardened PAX flew thru the exercises and when they realized there was still 30 min left.
Clue #5-go to where you would find tommy hawks brother?(There was a disclaimer that that is not his brother but its supposed to be a clue). Some PAX said dont you mean tony not tommy??
Skate Park for MOM
Low slow flutters-20
Supermans(A Lot)
        Forward circles- 10ic i think
        Backward circles-10ic i think
I wont reveal who said it but the comment was made that they thought DR. EVIL was in the treasure chest.
the goonies jewels GIF


One of the PAX said they would have been ok with a baby ruth……..Here ya gobaby ruth sloth GIF by IFC

PAX: yoyo,lucky charms, checkbook, kay, crawdaddy, special ed, epstein, sprinkler, fortran, sludge, doubtfire, flo-rida, tarde, duvet, pacer(Q)


Guys weekend-sign up on google sheets

Dr. Evil- Kairos on Wed. Signup sheet on slack. Fill out a spot and pray


Flo-rida led us out!!


Its an honor to lead this fine group of men. We build each other up and can achieve more as a group than as individuals.



fat kid dancing GIF by Cheezburger