2018-07-25 Perpetual Motion Backblast

22 PAX  came out for a not for your snowflakes beat down with the hope of eclipsing Crawdaddy’s step count…we came up about 600-800 steps short per my count, but a solid effort was made!  But Crawdaddy remains the king:

The PAX:  Yoyo, Crankbait, Deliverance, Crawdaddy, Pacer, Duvet, Tool Time, Kay, Shear Conn, Sprinkler, Radar, Lucky Charms, Epstein, Chipper, Far Side (Wednesday FNG), Check Book, Tarde, Gilmore, Dr. Evil, Red Hot, Fortran, Dean (Q)

Much to everyone’s surprise, and after years of nagging, Far Side finally showed up to a non-friday Workout….Far side seemed surprised by the mumblechatter directed his way for him actually showing up…This only further proves that he needs to come on Mondays now too so that he won’t be surprised by the fact that we are going to give him a hard time…(cause if he was around us more, he’d know us better to know we always mumble…)

In other news, Lucky Charms was back with the PAX…

So promptly at 5:30 YHC led the pax through a disclaimer for Far Side to let him know you can’t sue on Wednesdays either…and we moseyed to the road for Warm-a-rama:

20x Mountain Climber

10x Slow Parker Peters

10x Super slow abes – It was at this point a mysterious car was headed our way.  It appeared to be driverless as the driver’s head did not come above the steering wheel.  Shouts of Allahu-akbar were not heard, so we figured we were probably safe.  But it almost became this…with the honking, etc…

We then finished out the abes and did 10x Seam Rippers (Cotton Picker) and some amount of Sun Gods forward/backward…

We moseyed back to the hill for the Thang…on the way, we saw an epic parking job by Dr. Evil…

For the first part of the thang, we did 7s on the hill with

Lt. Dan at bottom, Double Merkin Burpee at top. Bear crawl up, crab walk down the hill.  This was a definite crowd please.  YHC reminded the pax he could have done 11s with this…and one pax said or 21s….but, everything in moderation folks…I got this footage of Kay doing the bear crawl up the hill…

We then moseyed to bottom of the hill for a “Hello Kitty” (F3 Carpex) workout called the “Traveling Jack Webb”.  This is 1x merkin with 4x Hallelujah, then 2x merkin 4x Hallelujah, and so on…then we stopped at 8 and as Hello Kitty would say “What goes up must come down”, so we went back down.   We started in the fields, and well…that idea proved stupid…it looked like the below (including a shot of Gilmore)….Thanks to the many PAX who helped count…Tool Time, Lucky Charms, Kay, Deliverance…Gilmore…many more i forgot

We then moseyed to the “picnic tables”, but not the CLOSE ones (confusion was rampant and directions from the Q were scarce as the PAX scrambled to figure out where to go)…because that would be boring…for (3) sets of 10x Derkins, 10x Dips, 10x Step-ups each leg.

We then moseyed back to the lower lot for 10x Side Straddle hop, then mary’s…Then for 20x LBC, Homer/Marge, Flutter Kicks all sorts of speeds, and American Hammers.

Honor to lead,



Saturday 8/4: 9am -12 New Story Church Work Day

Saturday 8/11: Guys weekend – sign up on Q sheet…

Prayer: Tarde’s step dad passed away, pray for family, People fighting fires, Wall-e and his friend that got hurt, Gilmore’s friends nephew, People fighting cancer that PAX know.  Probably missed some too.