07-23-2018 Red, White and Boom Backblast

As is customary to the kool-aid drinkers, seventeen faithful PAX, including YHQ and a Sophmore appearance by Sugar Plum who’s dad dragged him out, arrived to a nice cool July morning for Red, White and Boom Monday at 4th of July Park.  Epstein strolled up and still had his shirt on surprisingly. He made the observation of how nice it felt, then it was pointed out that you could see the mist blowing in front of Kandy Kanes lights…


Kay, Epstein, Dean, Redhot, Shear Con, Whamo, Fortran, Kandy Kane, Sugar Plum, Radar, Checkbook, Bambi, Blue Hen, Deliverance, Pacer, Gilmore.

QIC Yoyo


Taking Dean’s encouragement to heart, QIC was prepared with the preamble, directly into mosey, and WOR with no breaks.

Mosey to field at track

15 Side Straddle Hops IC

10 Abe Vigoda’s

10 Sun God’s (Sobriety Style) both directions IC

Keep Hands Up

10 Chinook’s both directions IC

10 Don Quiote’s



in Honor of Wal-e who is starting Marine week at CORTRAMIDE at Camp Legune this week… welcome to the Marines!

What are Marines known for beside’s kicking butt and taking names… Push-ups, Sit-ups, Pull-ups and running of course. YHQ dislikes all of those, so that is exactly what we will be doing.

Count off by 3’s. Each group will begin at a station and do the exercise at that station for 1 minute, with 15 seconds to get to the next station.

Station 1: Pull-ups

Station 2: Merkins

Station 3: Sit-ups

Sprint to next station…

After 6 rotations, we had a nice well deserved 1 minute rest.

During the second rotation, Q noticed a lot of modification going on at the pull-up location… it seemed that people needed their legs worked out a bit more… OMAHA!

Gather in the middle of the field for some Thigh Destroyers…

”You mean Thigh Masters…” calls out Dean from the PAX…

Forget the thigh masters…

we are in the Marines…a division of the US NAVY! Bring on the Destroyers!

What is a Thigh Destroyer you say… well, take your Thigh Master, and stay on one leg for a minute…shake it out for 15 seconds and switch legs for another minute…but wait, that’s not enough, lets do Monkey Humpers for a minute too…

Back to rotations.

Alarm goes off… what a glorious sound! Gather in field again and breath in 1000 gnats… strike that, mosey to basketball court for Mary’s.


Cindy Crawford’s 10 IC both sides

Superman’s and Iron Man’s for 1 minute

15 seconds of Falling Superman’s

American Hammer’s 30IC


Prayer Requests, Praise Reports and Announcements:

Only one prayer request shared, keep Don Morton and his family in your prayers as he begins his cancer treatments.

Don’t forget to sign up for guys weekend on Slack Q Sheet, tab at top. Also feel free to sign up to bring food for one of the meals.

Don’t forget opportunity to serve our community on Aug. 4th with New Story Church.

Gilmore led us out in prayer.

Always and honor,

Steve “Yoyo” Brannan

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