Backblast – Pain in the Park – Sat 7/21/18 “A vs. B” a recovery day

Pain in the Park – Saturday 7/21/18

A vs. B – a recovery day

(a Crawdaddy production)

Pax: Epstein, Thin Mint, Spicolli, Mulligan, Pacer, Kapernick, Radar, Blue Hen, Checkbook, Yoyo, Special Ed, Gilmore, Duvet, Serta, Florida, Fortran, Lucky Charms, Crankbait, Sprinkler, Crawdaddy.

QIC: Crawdaddy

20 men of iron embraced the picturesque Carolina morning for an hour of leisure recovery and bonding.  We’ll the 20 and weather was true at least… After idol chit chat, seeing no FNG’s, but happily seeing Duvet making his sophomore appearance and Kapernick back from the CFL or wherever he went.. QIC opened with a botched mission statement and disclaimer.


15 – Side Straddle Hopps (IC), 15 – Cotton Pickers, 15 – Abe Vigotas, 15 Nancy Kerrigans , 15 second Hurdler Stretch (FLO-JO’s) each leg

The Thang:

Pax divided into two teams, A and B.  Each Stop would have 1 team run a circuit lap while the other team completed 3 excersises (rinse and repeat while awaiting the running team).  The running team holds Al Gore awaiting their last runner before switching. 3 laps per station.

#1 – The Track

Excersises – 5 – Pull Ups , 10 Monkey Humpers (IC), 15 Split Jacks

#2 – Bus Benches –

Lap in this station included 5 Big Boy Situps at the handrail.

Excersises – 5 – Step Ups (each leg), 10 Mtn. Climbers, 15 Erkins

#3  – Amphitheater

Lap to flagpole and back – Tclaps to Gilmore and Radar for putting the hammer down on their run.

Excersises – 5 – Carolina Dry Docks, 10 – LBC’s, 15 Lunges

Pax then slow mosey’d the long rout to the  courts, stopping to give 2 sets of 10 Monkey Humpers to the lucky drivers of Kernersville.

#4 – Tennis Court – Running team runs suicides on lines.

Excersises – 5 – Merkins, 10 – Squatting OH Claps, 15 – WW1’s 

6 MOM – 

Homer and Marge, Dying Cockroaches, American Hammers

Prayers and Praises – 

Mulligan’s Niece Alexis Grace, heading to St. Judes for her checkup

August 4th workday at New Hope – see slack for details from Crankbait

Signup online for Kay’s beach party

Yoyo gave an update on Wall-E

Good to see Special Ed back out – and kudos to him for hanging in there.

Sprinkler led us out..


Always a pleasure Gents – Crawdaddy






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