07-18-2018 Poison Ivey Backblast

27 Pax including YHC came out to perfect weather, and to try on a String of Pearls. No FNG’s this morning, so preamble was a bit glazed over.

We began our indian run mosey the long way, and by the time we circled up for Warm-O-Rama, several pax were already counting off.

WOR (A.L.A.R.M.)

Sun Gods (Arms)

Abe Vigoda (Legs)

Imperial Walkers (Abs)

Rockette style Hillbillies (“R” Exercise)

Moracan Nightclub (with jazz hands)((“M” Exercise)


The Thang:

A.L.A.R.M.ing String of Pearls with big blue ball…

Indian Run slow mosey down stairs to soccer field while passing 10lbs Medicine Ball from front to back overhead… when last person in line gets ball, he sprints to the front and continues. Important observation, this would have been a great addition at F3 High Point with only 4 or 5 people… but with 27… well it was worth a try.

The original idea was that every time the Q got back to the front we would do an ALARM exercise but since that was taking too long we modified.


Monkey Humpers


Run (Sprint to the other side)

Crucible Merkins

Funky Clappy Thingy

Butt to Heel Squats

Reverse LBC’s

Rocky Balboas



Not much time left so we went straight to American Hammers.


So I did make a couple of other important observations:

1 – I gave ample opportunity for Dr. Evil to give resounding mumble chatter, yet it is missed.

2 – Riding a bike to F3 is great idea…

3 – Riding a bike to F3 with a medicine ball in your backpack is a terrible idea…

4 – Riding a bike to F3 with a medicine ball in your backpack makes you look like Quasimodo



Checkbook, Blue Hen, Fortran, Lucky Charm, Crawdaddy, Fanny Pack, Cube, Dr. Evil, Redhot, Deliverence, Fergie, Jazelle, Flounder, Kay, Sludge, Pacer, Shila-E, Radar, Shear Con, Whamo, Bambi, Muligan, Spicoli, Crankbait, Sprinkler, Duvet

And you humble Cue Ball… Always an honor!


Prayer Requests and announcements:

Dr. Evil told us about a lady at work who’s daughter is only expected to not make it to her daughter’s birthday.

August 4th from 9 to 12, workday at New Story Church. No tools required, they would love F3 to help.

Guy’s weekend sign up…

Sludge prayed us out.

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