Back-Blast: Flash Bang Friday – Tick-Tock Rerun, Oh Boy

24 F3 Men of Kernersville (including an FNG) posted for a rerun of a Dr. Evil Classic from April that only 7 of us had seen: Tick-Tock.   After a brief glance through the gloom YHC identified that Yo-Yo had brought an FNG so I limped through the F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer and on we moseyed to the circle for…

Warm-O-Rama:  Before starting I introduced a new, Gilmore inspired exercise: “Oh Boy” – when “Oh Boy” was called (only by the Q), the entire Pax would mosey to the basketball court far wall and do a 30 second wall sit.

excited black and white GIF

  • SSH x 17 IC
  • “Oh Boy”
  • Don Quixote x 13 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • “Oh Boy”

Mosey to Shovel Flag to pick up 7 small and 3 large coupons, and then we moseyed to the track and paired up for…

Tick-Tock:   One partner participates in the clock second hand plank circle.  With all of the “partner 1’s” in a circle essentially shoulder to shoulder, move the paver in a clockwise direction from pax to pax while partner 2, the minute hand, works his way around the clock.  The Partner 1 group stays in a plank moving the paver until Partner 2 returns….Partner 2 moves from station to station, completing the number of exercises corresponding to the position on the clock.

  1. Plank Destroyer (shoulder taps, Makhtar N’Diaye’s, Plank Jack, Merkin)
  2. Prisoner get ups
  3. Burpees
  4. Dans
  5. Hills, Backwards up and Forwards Down (crowd favorite)
  6. Pull Ups
  7. Squats with large coupon
  8. Merkins
  9. Split Squats IC
  10. WWI’s
  11. Curls with small coupon
  12. Monkey Humpers

The level of mumblechatter in the “second hand” circle was unequalled.  Dr. Evil reminded us multiple times that he brought music when he did it (Q sheet is very open) and several people pointed out that they thought it would be better if partners should switch after each outer exercise (Q sheet is still very open).  Somehow a second coupon found its way into the inner circle and started moving counterclockwise and the whole thing started looking like a Twilight Zone episode.

twilight zone GIF

After about 2 full rotations, YHC called “Oh Boy”

Mary: American Hammer x 25 IC (really – I had strategically saved my limited ab muscles)

The Pax: Sludge, Deliverance, Kay, Giselle, Flo-Rida, Dr. Evil, Yo-Yo, FNG (Eric Gonzalez), Gilmore, Epstein, Flounder, Checkbook, Bambi, Pacer, Red Hot, Mulligan, Chipper, Sprinkler, Radar, Fortran, Dean, Wham-O, Sheer-Con, Blue Hen.

Name-A-Rama:  Eric Gonzalez – Wife, 2 girls, used to own a software company (Floppy Disc, Blue Screen?), broke his leg last year (restless leg?), from New York, Jets fan (“who was that USC quarterback they brought up there?” – to which FNG replied, “Sanchez, dirty Sanchez”) – Dirty Sanchez it is….. no wait, upon further review and a clearer head (and multiple calls and texts), that won’t work (imagine him telling his little girl his F3 nickname and her looking it up – scarring her for life).  Back to Sanchez, forever throwing interceptions (as a Patriots fan I saw a lot of them).  FNG has been renamed… Welcome PICK 6!

Image result for if you asked mark sanchez what his favorite num


  1. Sunday 3:30 yard clean up at elderly couple’s house – see Sludge for address
  2. Yo-Yo gave props to Pax for proper send off for Wall-E (it meant a lot to him)
  3. Guys weekend at Kay’s dad’s house at Badin Lake 8/11 & 8/12
  4. Saturday Community picnic at 4th of July Park – Main Street UMC could use help setting up – see me for details
  5. B3 – Lowes Foods (it’s not just about the beer)

Kay led us in prayer

It is always an honor to lead this group.