Back-Blast: Pain in the Park – Pain in the Q

The lucky eleven gathered in the 4th of July parking lot on a not-so-cool Saturday morning for a nice pain in the Q. Not being a regular attendee to the K-Vegas gatherings, as was well noted by a few of those gathered, I was surprised about the low turnout. I guess only the strongest of the pax show up on Saturdays.

Since we had the best of the best, we started off on a slow mosey making a pit stop at the parking circle to complete 25 merkins OYO. Needless to say this prompted a bit of mumble chatter with the claim “how is this a warm-up” – making it very obvious I was not working with an “elite” pax. The mosey then continued up to the front of the school bus pick up area for the remainder of the warm-up.
Warm-a-rama (IC):
  • SSH X20
  • Mountain Climber X15
  • Imperial Walker X15
  • Not so sunny Sun Gods X10 each( in squat position; arms out to sides, seal claps, forward, reverse, overhead claps)
  • Inverted abe X10 (slow count)
A mosey to the small hill adjacent to the back parking lot and baseball diamond to begin the workout.
The Thang:
  • Haunted Hills
    • Round 1 – 4 minutes of hills (backwards up)
    • 17s descending – Monkey humpers at top and Smurf Jacks at bottom (17 each then decrease to 1, odd #s only)
  • Parking lot pain – pair up (Pax 1 at edge of parking lot with Pax 2 ~2/3 of the way across to the other side)
    • Round 1 – bear crawls; pax proceed toward each other and stop to complete 5 WW1’s when passing then continue to opposite ends; rinse/repeat 3X
    • Round 1 – Zombie walks; same as with bear crawls but swap out WW1’s for Lt. Dan; rinse and repeat 3X

Mosey to basketball court for next round of pain

  • Deconstructed Burpees
    • 10 squats, 10 in/outs in plank, 10 Merkins, 10 groiners; stand up and repeat descending to 1
  • Sprints and Dips – with time remaining, it was determined that we should not let any minute go wasted. With the pax split into 2 groups, group 1 completed basketball sprints (half and full) while group 2 performed bench dips; swap when group finishes sprints; rinse and repeat
Circle up and finish with some Mary
6MOM (IC):
  • Peter Parker X10
  • Extended flutter X10
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps X10
  • Pretzel Crunch X10 each leg
  • Supermans
  • Hammer
Pax: Bambi, Duvet, Blue Hen, YoYo, Dr. Evil, Fortran, Mulligan, Epstein, Checkbook, Gilmore, Kryptonite
Birthday burpees were performed in unison (with exception of YoYo who chose to perform a solo) for Duvet
Q: Kryptonite
  • Prayers for Blue Hen’s Dad
  • Prayers for Maggie
  • Keep Toto in our prayers
  • Thoughts and prayers for Walle as he heads out for training
  • Prayers and support for those participating as part of the Kairos ministry group
Gilmore led us out
Always an honor!
Aye – Kryptonite