Back blast, “Do as I say, not as I do!?”

So it took me nearly a year to build up enough courage, moxy, sheer stupidity, insert adjectives as desired here, to propose a workout that does the exact opposite of everything F3 and leadership in general suggests!?

With no FNGs in sight, we pulled off a short mosey after I proposed that not only could you not sue me, F3 or the park you can no longer sue anyone ever again!?  I am fairly sure it is legally binding under the BECAUSE I SAID SO statute.  (Same one commonly quoted by parents everywhere.)

SSH, Franksteins, sloth speed Abe Vigodas, baywatch speed Cotton Pickers, some of dem thar Sun Gods forward AND backward and then it begins.

When I announced that the station “leader” would pick one exercise for themselves and that the rest of their team had to do the other one I heard giggling and plotting break out all over the circle.  I cannot name names but you know who you are…

Gilmore’s Retreat station:  BTTW or Wall Sit;  Plank or Reverse Plank and finally LBC or SSH.

Convalescence center station:  Monkey Humpers or Carolina Dry Docks; Irkins or Incline Rows;  Steps ups or Dips

Mosey Circle station:  WWI situps or Alabama Asskickers;  Freddy Mercury or Lt Dan;  Copperhead Squats or Starfish crunch

Things you don’t expect to hear:

  1. Dr Evil mentioned he was too tall for the Incline rows under the picnic tables and that he kept bumping his head?
  2. “Someone” actually propose they do the BTTW and their team do Wall Sits instead (T-claps to THAT leader!)

Upon reaching the second round, our group flip-flopped so they did the opposite of the first round and I heard several folks mention how much easier it appeared to be!?

For Mary, Q proposed that we start off with low, slow flutters and naturally the PAX asked what do THEY do instead!?  I suggested fast flutters but have no idea if anyone bothered to listen.  Just to show further defiance I decided counting cadence was overrated until the mumble chatter reached epic proportions and we ended at somewhere between 10 and 99 according to the count / feedback we were receiving at that point?

A round of Marge and Homer and some ‘MURICAN hammers to wrap it all up!

You might be wondering WHO was brave enough to show up for this workout and normally we would capture this on video to allow the Q to ‘remember’ this as they type up the back blast.  But in theme with the day, my phone “did what I said” instead of what I meant and took a picture or something instead of actually recording the video.

So there is no actual evidence of the 23ish PAX that showed up and I did not want to guess at all the names and forget / leave someone out.  Instead I will mention NO NAMES here to complete my Bizarro F3 workout Q.

Always a pleasure to lead, confuse, conflict and otherwise have a great time leading the Q.