Slo – Start to the Week

We had 25 PAX plus the Q post to the Fourth of July Park for a Red, White, and Boom beat-down. Lethargy was noted on many of the faces at post time.

However everybody made it in time to mosey through the park and behind the shelter to the parking lot.  Mumblechatter started off very slow during warm-o-rama.

The PAX:

Wham-o, Gilmore, Checkbook, Crawdaddy, Fanny Pack, Fortran, Cube, Tenderfoot, Blue Hen, Sprinkler, Mulligan, Thin Mint, Flounder, Pacer, Yo-Yo, Dr. Evil, Wal-E, Red Hot, Kay, Spicoli, Sludge, FloRida, Dean, Crankbait, Epstein

Exercising went like this:

SSH IC x 20, Frankenstein IC x 15, Gilmore-approved Abe Vigotas x 10, Sobriety Sun Gods x 15 (frontways and back), Copperhead Squats x 15, Hillbillies IC x 10

Working back through the park and to the tennis courts we found some props waiting – a die game, and game board with a surprisingly awesome new exercise – SLOTH MERKINS.  Most PAX seemed excited to try some after a quick demo from YHC – Yo-Yo showed particular enthusiasm…

Five groups of four men and one with five took on the game board for 9 to 12 rolls of the die.  Of note were Cube’s “Roller Q” call of sloth dry docks – surely a crowd-pleaser for his group, and the look on Thin Mint’s face after rolling his third consecutive sloth… back in the plank position y’all!

We moseyed to the basketball courts for 6 minutes of mary including:

Cindy Crawfords IC x 15 (each side), Flutter Kicks IC x 25, American Hammers IC x 20


July 8 – Ushers needed at Main St. – See FloRida for more info.

Prayer Requests:  Tenderfoot’s pastor’s husband Darryl is in hospice

Praise for a great week of service for Fortran and Checkbook among many others – Great work Men!

Genie was moved Saturday – thanks to all who participated!

What an honor and privilege to be a part of #f3K-Ville!  Somebody post in 3rdf about Route 66 Diner Study if that’s going on tomorrow – Any PAX wanting some great fellowship come on out at 0530 tomorrow!!