Pain in the Park, “Lagniappe”

Pain in the Park, Lagniappe

A group of intrepid Pax showed on time and slowly moseyed for Radar to catch up….thought Tarde had gotten a motorcycle.  

Pax: Flounder, Radar, Mulligan, Gilmore, Lucky Charms, Pacer, Brownie, Epstein, Sludge, Dr. Evil (Q)

All exercises like something we have done before, but with a little extra…a gift, or bonus..

Warmarama, bonus rotation

  • SSH’s
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Traveling Abe Vigodas
  • Traveling Squats

Every exercise was performed slowly moving clockwise in the circle.  So easy, right?  We continued to move clockwise even with Gilmore (correctly) requesting a reversal of direction to even things out.  YHC thought we might wreck the Pax….

For some reason, the circle continued to get smaller and Flounder was a little challenged with the movement…and how does Pacer manage to modify during Warmarama??

Mosey to parking lot behind school

Field of Burpees, bonus Hills

  • 1 in the middle, up the hill, 2, to the middle, 3, and so on…4 on opposite side..up to 10 burpees

Brownie, who has run 2.5 miles to the workout, reminded us what a real runner looks like….Sludge managed to find the closest distance between the two hills…

Spread out on the field behind the track

Barrel rolls, bonus merkins

  • Roll to your left, with a merkin each rotation, 10 total
  • 10 lunges, bonus squat
  • Roll to your right, with a merkin each rotation, 10 total
  • 10 reverse lunges, with a squat
  • Two rotations.

Mosey to benches at Bus Lot


  • Derkins, bonus Hand release, IC
  • Dips, bonus lowering to pavement, IC (needs a 5 count)

There was a lot of heavy breathing, so no one really worried about flatulence today….Lucky Charms and Gilmore had a bye.

These were more difficult for the pax than planned. Hand release derkins were excellent, but the down dips were impossible for some…have to re think them..

Mosey to Basketball Court

  • Partner 1, Suicides with merkin at each foul line, star man at mid court and end line
  • Partner 2, Plank with gift rotation (plank position, rotate clockwise continuously with feet in place)

Strangely, Epstein kept on his shirt…

Mosey to skateboard park

6MOM, gift of Feet up Hill

  • LBC’s, 20 IC, feet on ramp
  • Crunchy Frogs, 20 IC, extend for 5 seconds on count
  • X’s and O’s, 5, 10, 15, and 20 seconds in x’s, 5 seconds in O’s, reverso
  • American Hammers, 25 IC, feet on ramp

It was fun to pay back Mulligan for the uphill sprints from the day before…

Sludge led us out…

Always an honor, really a gift…

Evil, PhD