Backblast – No Bear or Crab Sightings, June 22, 2018

QIC – Mulligan
PAX – Gilmore, Gisele, Wham-o, Deliverance, Tool Time, Far Side, Pacer, Dean, Dr. Evil, Tenderfoot, Thin Mint, Tarde, Flounder, Epstein, Yo Yo, Wall E, Red Hot, Sludge, Sprinkler, Radar, Doubt Fire, Lucky Charm, & Kaepernick.

After a quick reading of the F3 Mission, we moseyed to the cul-de-sac for Warm-o-Rama which consisted of;
Side Straddle Hops
Cotton Pickers
Imperial Squat Walkers

From there we moseyed around the front of the school to the parking lot behind the school.  I was reminded that we could’ve turned left instead of right and gotten there a lot faster.  YHC was concerned about the elasticity of the PAX leg muscles knowing what was about to happen, thus the warm up lap.

The Thang;

Line up on the dumpster side of the parking lot, stand side by side facing the dreaded telephone pole hill.  The PAX will then do the following;

Perform one exercise (Q had a list, reminder Sludge is nosey and will preview the list if left out in his purview)… run full sprint to the opposite and uphill side of the parking lot where the PAX then did 3 burpees.  After holding for the six, the PAX walked or jogged back to the starting line.  Rinse and repeat until finished with the list of exercises.  Those were;

Monkey Humpers (15IC)
Sumo Squats (15)
LBCs (15IC)
Plank Jacks (15IC)
Bobby Hurley (15)
Lt. Danger (10), this was a good one and it was a merkin, not a burpee (haha)

We then moseyed to Far Side’s tennis court and split up into three groups in three separate single file lines.  Suicides were prescribed to finish off the PAX.  Basically, from the baseline, run to half court back to baseline and then run to opposite baseline and back.  Rinse and repeat.

YHC attempted Guantanamo but had to call Omaha.  I do not have enough space to share all the mumblechatter that occurred during this exercise.  Then American hammers finished 6MOM.

-Continued prayers requested for Far Side’s friend.
-Tarde was dressed (guns out) in memory of Cheech.  John “Cheech” Flanagan was the Lexington, SC F3 member that was hit by a car during an F3 workout.  It has been one year since his passing and prayers are requested for his family and the F3 group.

Thank you to Gilmore for leading us out.

I appreciate the opportunity to be the QIC.