Shenandoah delight Backblast 6-18-18

Note: Tarde may have rolled in on 2 wheels due to GI distress this AM, but he was still at the AO at 5:30AM.!


  • Pre-mosey behind the school
  • Hillbillies
  • Through the tunnel
  • Plank jacks
  • Little Bitty Arm circles
  • Mountain Climbers

The Thang: Things you may see on the river 

With blocks – (floating downstream from the BB court to the warm up circle and bus lot)

  • Colt 45s
  • Traveling Lt. Dans w/block lunge-clap
  • Prisoner walk with the blocks held high
  • Plank 1-arm rowers x20 (10ea. side) 
  • Ditch the blocks, then reverse run up the bus parking lot.

Without blocks (rope swings and loading canoes on a trailer)

  • Four groups rotate through four exercise stations a toal of 3x, then hold plank:
  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 merkins
  • 15 squats
  • Half lap

Mosey back across parking lot to the blocks

With blocks

  • Colt 45s
  • Impromptu bear-block crawl in honor of Mulligan’s workout last week
  • Traveling Lt. Dans w/block lunge-clap
  • Prisoner walk with the blocks held high (to the BB court)
  • Colt 45s (BB court)


  • Heavy dying cockroaches
  • Heavy LBCs
  • Heavy Newton’s cradle
  • Heavy AH


Pax was 14 with the Q:  Fatback, Gilmore, Mulligan, Sludge, Dr. Evil, Epstein, Deliverance, Dean, Red Hott, Chipper, Wham-O, Sprinkler, FNG Mark Holt, Tarde (Q).

Welcome to FNG Mark Holt.  Former Sheriff’s Deputy. We considered Roscoe, Barney, Gomer, Mayberry, Cooter, Daisy and Flash.  Almost went with Roscoe, but he made a critical flaw when he said he liked Roscoe, so his F3 name will be “Aunt Bee”.

Prayers: Tarde’s friend Chris Partin has gone a month without seizures, F3 Kville provided service at New Story Church on Saturday and there is more to do, F3 brothers leading the MSUMC mission trip (Checkbook, Rainbow, and Fortran), our FNG Aunt Bee asked for prayers for his parents in assisted living. Gilmore led us out.

Always an honor, and always on time,


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