RW&B backblast for 11 June

QIC: Gilmore

PAX: Red Hot, Fortran, Deliverance, Dean, Kay, Sludge, Thin Mint, Crawdaddy, Pacer, Sheer Con, Radar, Crankbait, Flounder Blue Hen, Tool Time, Cube, YoYo, Wamo, Tenderfoot, Checkbook


short mosey to cirle

20 SSH

10 Sungods sobriety style, switch legs and directions, repeato

10 Abe Vigoda’s “Dean” style

mosey to amphitheater behind the school for some benchwork

complete  7 irkins, 7 derkins, 7 left arm high and 7 right arm high merkins

mosey to portico for 28 LBC’s IC (round 1), mosey back to benches for another round of 7’s followed by  another mosey back to portico and 28 mogul hops IC (round 2)

10 count before a mosey to hill behind school parking lot for Jacob’s Ladder beginning with 10 burpees and a mosey to the top of the hill, touching the light pole before heading back down, work all the way down to 1 burpee all the while completing a hill run after each burpee (YHC must admit I did have to briefly evacuate the scene to take care of some very important business)

10 count followed by heading to the track for 1-2-3-4’s, mosey to corner 1 in track and complete 1 wide merkin, mosey to corner 2 and complete 2 copper head squats…you should get the idea with corner 3 being 3 bobby hurley’s and corner 4 being 4 scissor kicks, after lap #1 completed PAX were instructed to keep moseying around the track and continuing with the exercises and the increasing reps so 5 wider merkins and so on…Q called Omaha after 8 scissor kicks

mosey to the basketball courts for Mary

15 pretzel crunches IC each side

20 lbc’s IC

15 cindy crawford’s IC each side

25 hammers


prayers for a child named Juwaan and his family

prayers for a young man named Martin Roberts and his family, Martin is a young man from our community who has been missing for approx 2 years

Red Hot celebrated 24 years of marriage

this Saturday is a work day a New Story Church from 9am-12pm

Kay has offered to provide swimming lessons to any children of PAX

YoYo led us out

Leading was a blast and privilege………Gilmore