Poison Ivey Wednesday June 6th

25 Pax members with the Q.  Posted this perfect morning to see how F3 takes corner kicks.

Pax: Dr Evil, Spicoli, Fortran, Dean, Pacer, Blue Hen, Radar, Lucky Charms, Deliverance, Kay, Flounder, Yo-Yo, Gilmore, Special Ed, Fanny Pack, Epstein, Kryptonite, Crank Bait, Mulligan, Tool Time, Chipper, Chipper, Tender Foot, Red Hot, Crawdaddy.


Q: Sludge


Before we launched we separated into age groups.








Mosey up to the parking lot for Warmarama.


Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods

Mosey up to the Soccer Field.

  1. A corner kick is awarded to the attacking team if the ball completely exits the field across the goal line, was last touched by a player on the defending team, and does not enter between the goal posts and under the cross bar.

The Thang

At each corner of the soccer field where the corner kicks take place there were the exercises listed below.  You were to complete in order the 1st exercise and then run to the next corner and so on until time is called.  The partners were matched up younger and older.  The Thunder Cats were to keep the Elders motivated and encouraged as well as push them.  Well done to all as I was paired with Dr. Evil and Kay (I was getting yelled at by Senior and Junior).

Corner 1

Traveling Merkins 15

Diamond Merkins 15

Carolina Dry Docks 20

Clock Merkins 1-12 o’clock


Corner 2

Thigh Masters 15 Per Leg

Orangutan Squats 15

Copper Head Squats 20 IC

Exploding Lt. Dan’s 10


Corner 3

Shoulder Taps 20 per shoulder

Plank Jack Merkins 15

Plank Destroyers 10

Plank Slalom 15

Corner 4

Pretzel Crunches each side 13IC

Cindy Crawford’s each side 13IC

LBC’s 50 single count

Crab Cakes 13IC


Time was called and we headed down to the lower soccer fields with a nice little hill for mary.


Old and young were one group and the 40 yr olds was another.


One group would run hills while the other group would do Mary then flip flop.

Lucky Charms running the hills

Exercise 1    WWI’s                         4 hills

Exercise 2    Crunchy frogs         3 hills

Exercise 3    Super Man’s              2 hills

Exercise 4    Plank                             1 hill


We all did American hammers 26


Joys, Praises, and Prayers

Crank Bait 20 yrs of Marriage


Judy Tharp


Crank Bait led us out


Thank you for letting me Lead!!!  It is always an honor.


Q sheet is open please step up I am running out of fields to use on Wednesday all we have left is the baseball field and the dog park.




Corner Kicks

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