2018-06-02 Yoyo’s Bloody Elbow 54 caliber Backblast.

12 loyal pax and one FNG turned out for some bloody elbows on a beautiful Saturday morning…
Dr. Evil
Special Ed
Lucky Charm
Crank bait
FNG – “Daniel Earp” – F3 Name: DuvetOne thing is for certain, there is no grace for new or recovered Q’s as mumble chatter began immediately. No gloves would be needed for this post, but apparently YHC failed to mention that elbow pads would be helpful.
We had a nice mosey through the park to the playground with the soft rubber padding for Warm-ups and The Thang.
Upon arriving at the location, it was very clear that not a lot of time had been spent thinking through the counting sequences…

Light mosey while performing sun gods and chinooks
Finkle Swings Forward and Backward and Side to Side.
Abe Vigoda
Cotton Pickers

The Thang:
.45 Caliber

(4 sets of 5 exercises with 3 minutes of intense Side Straddle Hops between each set.)

1. Merkin with pause at bottom 12(YHC tried to count each rep down through the vast mumble chatter.
2. Thigh Masters up to one leg (12 each leg)(Same issues with counting)
3. Side plank raises (Elbow destroyers) 12 each side

4. One leg bridge while raising and lowering other extended leg (12 each leg)
5. Lateral Moving Plank (12 total) (Mumble Chatter… “Oooh, my elbows hurt…”)

3 minutes of intense SSH’s (or light mosey for Special Ed and Lucky Charm)
Rinse and Repeat 4 times

Mosey up to the basketball court for a few Mary’s and COT.

Low Flutter Kicks (some)
Cindy Crawfords (a few more)
American Hammers (Q did a few, then continued to count for rest of the Pax… far be it from me to let anyone down by not giving them enough to do.

Daniel Earp joined us for the first time this morning. Married with a kid, graduated from App, works at Tempur Sealy, related to Wyat Earp in some way, lots of other things mentioned… names thrown out… Pillowtop, Duvet (not to be confused with Bidet for Dr. Evil)… a few others, but Duvet wins out. Welcome to F3 Duvet!

Prayer requests announcements:
June 16th Service opportunity – repair/clean-up work
Beer and Hymn’s with special appearance by Deliverance.
Friend of Crankbait, “Allison” who lives in England is single mother now that husband walked out. Please pray for her.
Chipper’s dad is doing well, but his cable bill is too high.
Chipper also started a new job selling medical supplies
Pray for Wal-e

Sledge led us out in prayer.

Honestly guys, thank you for the honor to lead. Sorry about the bloody elbows…