6-1-18 Lucky 13 Flash Bang Friday

Pax- Dr. Evil, Farside, Crankbait, 🍀 charms, Mulligan(RLS), Deliverance, Thin Mint, Gisele, Spicoli, Kay, Chipper, Dean, Epstein, Blue hen, Sludge, Tenderfoot, Yo-Yo, ToolTime, Checkbook, Sprinkler, wham-o(FNG), YHC

My apologies if I left anyone out. Video difficulties.

13-abe vigotas(IC)
13-cotton pickers(IC)
13-forward/backward-sun gods(sobriety style)(IC)

The Thang-
Beep test- cones 20 meters apart. Listen for the beep to go. Get to cone by the next beep. Rinse and repeat A LOT. Simple enough right?? My apologies to the Pax closest to the field house. Im pretty sure Dr. Evil was drinking this am and made your cones 30 meters apart. Yes ossifer I’s can walk a strait line. I know Evil its hard to tell when you can barely see over the grass.(thx for the help)

Principal Dean did a good job keeping everyone in line so they didnt cheat.

And the winner is Kay!!

Gisele close second.

Well done everyone!! This will surely come around again.

Bearmuda Triangle- 3 cones-30yds apart. 1st cone-1burpee, bear crawl to 2nd cone-2 burpees, bear crawl to 3rd cone-3burpees rinse and repeat x 3. Interesting mumble chatter when the comment was made about guy who wins beep test shouldn’t be leading this one also. 🤷‍♂️ thats what happens when you jump the gun by 15 yds. Omaha was called for time.

Mosey to farside court

Roxanne(veto)…….Don’t let me down- chainsmokers
(I need u-plank jack=14, down-merkin=42)

13-American Hammers(IC)

Prayers- Toto and his mission work.
Joys- 13th wedding anniversary Pacer
Chum valdez- internship in Tiller OR
Bible-n-hymns this Sunday @ brewers kettle. Be there…

Sludge led us out.

Its my utmost honor to lead and try to keep up with this fine group of men.


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