Poison Ivey Wednesday May 30th


22 Pax members + the Q.  Posted this Humid morning to see what was going to be ABTASTIC and I thank everyone was PLANKFUL that they posted.  Mall Cop I hope your back is OK please let us know.


Pax: Dr Evil, High Heels, Crank Bait, Tardy, Epstein, Yo-Yo, Kay, Gilmore, Tramp Stamp, Mall cop Mulligan, Deliverance, Flounder, Tool Time, Special Ed, Lucky Charms Check Book, Chipper, Sprinkler, Tender Foot, Red Hot, Crawdaddy.


Sorry boys for running over.  I was having so much FUN!!!!!!  I think I remembered everyone if I left someone out I am sorry. (Thanks Special Ed, Gilmore, and Lucky for name help)


Q: Sludge


Mosey up to the parking lot for Warmarama.


Cotton Pickers


Frankenstein’s Rocket Style

Sun Gods


Low Slow Flutters

Mosey up to the Lacrosse Field.


The Thang


One End of the Lacrosse Field we did an Ab exercise then we ran to the other end (600’) of the Lacrosse field to do a plank exercise.  There was a twist or the Kay factor.  When you got to the other end you had to resume the exercise that you just completed until the 6 arrived.


Ab End of the field

Exercise 1    Pretzel Crunches 15 each leg

Exercise 2    WWI’s 25

Exercise 3    Star Fish Sit Ups 20 Each side

Exercise 4    Crunchy frogs 40 single count

Exercise 5    ABC’s

Exercise 6    American Hammers 25 IC


Plank End of the field

Exercise 1    Camel Toes 15 each toe

Exercise 2    Shoulder Taps 25 each shoulder

Exercise 3    Plank Slalom 20

Exercise 4    Plank Jacks 35

Exercise 5    Plank Destroyers 10

Exercise 6    Plank Jack Merkins 15


NO time for Mary

NO time for Prayer Request and Praises

NO time for Prayer

It is a wonderful privilege to lead this group.  It is still fun and I still get excited when it is my turn to Q.



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