5-26-18 Backblast: Welcome to the laboratory

Welcome to the laboratory, where existing lines of research continue to evolve and improve, while new discoveries are always on the horizon…

The lab…


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Imp. Walkers x20IC
  • Through The Tunnel x20IC
  • Overhead claps x20IC
  • Squatting shoulder reach x20IC (to be re-named either “pat yourself on the back” or “participation trophy” in the future)

Everyone’s a winner

With the lab equipment warmed up, we went to the lab-bench, first tending to established lines of research…


Balls to the Tree – for about 1 minute.  Pax were instructed to hold Al Gore while waiting for everyone to finish up balls to the tree. Let’s just say…

…some Pax were in the mood…

Hold that tree?

Onaclov (volcano backwards)

  • Five times up and down the hill.  Run backwards on the way up.
  • 1 Burpee at the top, 1 at the bottom, for 10 total.

Some Pax were over-thinking things…

Fortran deciphering the meaning of “1 burpee”.

DodgeTennis:  Now let’s bring in some innovation.  Some experimentation.  And of course, some mublechatter…

  • Setup:
    • Each Pax given a card with exercise
    • Divided into 2 teams, each team gets on different side of the net 
    • Pax spreads out across the backcourt portion of the tennis court
  • Game:
    • Pax hold Plank/Al Gore/Crab, as the server prepared to serve.
    • Server lobs tennis ball across to other side.  
    • Whoever the ball hit first then read their card and led the Pax in that exercise.
    • Repeat until all exercises done or Omaha called

FNG Marvin joined us for a bit of DodgeTennis, and says he’s been walking at 4th of July Park a lot lately.   Marvin didn’t make it over to the COT, so we didn’t get to name him, but I recommend  “Martian”, “Payne” (as in Major Payne), or “Mall Walker”.  Let’s get him back!

Suggested amendments to the official rules will be submitted to the IDTF (International DodgeTennis Federation) for consideration, with possible implementation at future IDTF sanctioned events: 

  • Rules Amendment Suggestion 1. Failure to hit any Pax with the ball is a 1 Burpee penalty for the server.
  • Rules Amendment Suggestion 2. Failure to get the ball over the net is a 5 Burpee penalty for the server.

Here was the selection of exercise cards (we did most, but not all of these):

#22Kills – We did 22 Mercans in recognition of “a 2013 statistic from the U.S. Veterans Affairs office, which stated that 22 veterans commit suicide on a daily basis”.

6 MOM:
AH – x22

COT:  Pacer, YoYo, FloRida, Mulligan, Crankbait, Tenderfoot, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Lucky Charms, Epstein, Sludge, Fortran, Checkbook, Tarde (Q), Marvin(FNG)

How adorable, to see Pacer’s new shoes…that are exactly the same as Dr. Evil’s shoes.  Twinsies!

Announcements and prayer requests:  Monday morning at 5:30, we will do “The Murph”.   Crankbait organizing upcoming service opportunities and fellowship with New Story Church.

Thank you to Crankbait for leading us out.

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tarde