Backblast 05/23/18 “It WAS a jungle out there”

20 brave souls ventured into the jungle:  MallCop, Gilmore, Dr Evil, Special Ed, RedHOTT, Sprinkler, Lucky Charms, Fortran, CrankBait, Kay, Epstein, Sludge, Yo-yo, Crawldaddy, Deliverance, ToolTime, CheckBook, Mulligan, Chipper, and FannyPack.

We started off with SSH, followed up by an abysmally Q’d version of Abe Vigoda where the count never actually reached three so the finally tally is still unknown.  We picked a bit of cotton, and ended with “those things you do with your arms in circles!?”  (No need to actually know the names of this stuff folks to Q, I am setting the bar really low here for our next crop of Qs!!)

Groups of 4, broke up, with 5 stations of JUNGLE FEVER to enjoy!

My group started off with the station where we began our nature hike hugging some trees (Al Gore) and playing Crabby Cake.  (AMRAP in 60 seconds)

Next station contained Ass-Kickers (Alabama not mentioned nor desired, this is NORTH by gawd CAROLINA!), Dying Cockroaches and a Bear Crawl travel to the next station.  Setting the bar really low here your Q’s wimpy shoulders only traveled via Bear Crawl about 80% of the way there, I swear it looked shorter when I set it all up?

As expected, Gorilla Humpers were planned along with Crunchy Frogs, followed up by traveling via INCH WORM to the next station.  The closer you could ‘start’ to the next station the better!?

At the BAT WINGs station, we clapped in rhythm about as well as you can expect for a bunch of  guys who were NOT channeling their inner soul brother.

We ended with Copperhead Squats, Starfish crunches.

Ended out the workout with Marge, Homer, Mr Jones (aka Burns) and MURICAN hammers!

Crankbait has a service project on Saturday morning to follow the workout.  According to Deliverance Flounder has an infection that ends in somethingsomethingITIS with several attempts at sounding way more medical than was warranted!?  Good to see Chipper back after his scare and T-claps to him for doing the RIGHT thing and getting checked out and the all clear.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.