Backblast: Poison Ivey – Teams or Pairs

Pax: Checkbook, Gilmore, Tool Time, Red Hot, Crawdaddy, Fortran, Flounder, Lucky Charm, Pacer, High Heels, Thin Mint, Dean, FloRida, Sprinkler, Special Ed, Sludge, Kay, Dr. Evil, Crankbait, Chipper, Mulligan, Epstein, FNG (James Colston), Tenderfoot, Mallcop, Kryptonite

Q: Kryptonite

A total of 26 Pax, including an FNG filled up the Ivey Redmon parking lot as Kryptonite found his way back to Kernersville to take on the Q. It was a daunting task given the much smaller, less imposing HighPoint F3 gang. After getting some assistance from Gilmore on the F3 disclaimer and mantra, we were off on a mosey.

The mosey meandered for a bit until we settled on a large enough plot of parking lot to accommodate the overly-large pax to initiate the warm-up.

Warm-a-rama (IC):

  • SSH X20
  • Copperhead Merkin X20
  • Imperial Walker X15
  • Bat Wings X15 (4 arm motions)
  • Homo erectus X15

The Q then had the pax break into groups of 6 until we broke into teams of 4 until finally it was decided that pairs would be best. For some reason the pax were confused. F3 Kernersville pax have always had a problem with numbers and it continues. With the confusion still in full force, we made our way to the hill to begin the rumble.

The Thang:

  • 21’s – Partners took on this first event with the goal of descending to 1. P1 at bootom while P2 remains at top of hill. Squating Flamingo at top and Frankensteins at bottom. Each pax starts at 21 then swap positions and complete 20 and this continued to 1 before heading to top of hill to hold plank for the six.
  • 11’s – Partners again work together with the goal of achieving 11 through a combination of exercises. P1 heads about half way up the parking lot while P2 remains at the parking lot edge. Proceed to perform 11’s with Lunges (single count) and Monkey Humpers IC (e.g. 10 lunge, 1 monkey humper…..until 1 lunge and 10 monkeys). Each partner completes and then runs to swap positions, but with a catch. Each the partners pass, a 4X4 (4 merkins and 4 mountain climber) was completed.

Following a reasonable beatdown, we made our way back via mosey to the originating assembly area for some Mary.

6MOM (IC):

  • Absolution (OYO) X10
  • LBC X15
  • Peter Parker X15
  • Low Slow Flutter X15
  • American Hammer X15

Name-O-Rama: We had the pleasure of initiating FNG James Colston. Gilmore was extremely excited and had a nice potential name for our FNG until the wrestling tidbit led to a more appropriate name (based on the overwhelming response from the pax). Following little deliberation, Chyna (yes it’s spelled with a Y) is now a proud member of F3 Kernersville. Welcome Chyna!

COT: FloRida helping a local with a move – Saturday around 9am after some breakfast. All are welcome to help. Sprinkler hosting a guys evening at his place on Saturday. Praise for Deliverance as he welcomes his new grandson. Prayers for T-Bone and his wife.  Prayers for Reggie Turner.

Gilmore led us out.

Always an honor and hope to be back again before too long!

Aye – Kryptonite