Back Blast, Pain in the Park, Saturday May 12, 2018

The Pax:  Pacer, Hobbes, Jordache, Blue Hen, Crankbait, Gilmore, Crawdaddy, Dr Evil, Checkbook, Mulligan, Lucky Charms, Fortran, Epstein, Sludge, Chipper, Bobby Bouchet, Kay, FloRida

A robust Saturday turnout of 18 pax convened on Fourth of July Park for a little warmup prior to tackling a second story move-out.  Double Kotters to Hobbes and Bobby Bouchet, both posting today after an extended absence.  Channeling Kryptonite, YHC asked the Pax to group into threes by counting off 1,2,3, which does not achieve the proper groupings.  After accepting the requisite mumblechatter about deficient math skills  from Fortran and others, the Q waited for the Pax to self-select into groups of three, proving, once again, the wisdom of the crowd.  After a quick run to the shed for some milk jug relay batons, the Pax followed Mulligan on a short mosey to the tennis courts (the tennis courts where tennis players play, not Far Side’s tennis courts) for:

SSH – 15 IC
Chinooks – 10 IC
Helicopters – 10 IC
Cotton Pickers – 10 IC
Peter Parkers – 10 IC

before beginning THE THANG, a three-man relay, with two team members doing exercises in two locations, and the third member traveling between.

Round 1 at the tennis courts – P1 BTTW at the sideline fence; P2 Wall Sit while holding the relay baton; P3 Frog Jump from P1 to P2.  Rinse and repeat for two laps.

Round 2 at the dog lot hill (watch your step) – P1 Prisoner Get-ups at the top of the hill; P2 Makhtar N’Daiyes at the bottom of the hill; P3 carries the relay baton from P1 to P2, stopping halfway for one 4×4.  Rinse and repeat for 3 laps.

Round 3 at the picnic shelters – P1 Derkins and Dips in a fielder’s choice of combination; P2 Tabletop Squats at the far shelter (Gilmore raised a Clinton-esque objection over the meaning of “far”, probably sufficient to create reasonable doubt in a jury and therefore avoid impeachment.  Lesson to Q:  Be precise, if the location matters.  Lesson to Gilmore:  If a return to prohibition ever puts you out of the liquor business, you have a bright future as a white collar defense attorney.)  Don’t forget about P3, who carries the baton between shelters, stopping at the Playground of Inclusion for 5 Plankjacks IC (or mountain climbers, in the case of YHC, who, as Kay pointed out, could not even remember his own directions.) Rinse and repeat for 2 laps.

After dropping off the batons, the Pax moseyed to the Other Tennis Courts, where Far Side plays basketball, for Round 4 – P1 Carolina Dry Docks at one baseline; P2 Monkey Humpers at the opposite baseline; P3 lunge walks the court, stopping for one burpee at halfcourt.  Rinse and repeat for 2 laps.  YHC and Lucky Charms were confounded by partner Kay’s premature evacuation, but, with the resilience developed over a combined century of experience, continued on to complete the round, sort of, before the Q called “Omaha”, leaving just enough time for:

6-ish Minutes of Mary:
Reverse LBCs – 15 IC
Side Plank Scissors – 10 IC RH side, 11 IC LH side.  Cobains are in order, as YHC apparently caught Dr Evil unprepared and flashed a little too much leg during the demonstration portion of this exercise.  Disturbing for him, no doubt, but a stern warning to the rest of the Pax to keep their eyes on their own paper for the duration.  The Q misfired on the count, like a bad pothole, leaving the Pax out of alignment for the rest of the day.
American Hammers –  22 IC.  YHC was going for 25, but the Pax eagerly seized on his Peter Brady voice-crack to end the festivities at 22.

CoT:  Welcome, Jordache, to the Respect club.  Several more right behind you.    Keep Toto and family in prayers.  Godspeed to Fortran, Blue Hen and Crankbait staffing the Pilgrimage retreat next weekend.  Celebrate the return of Hobbes and Bobby Bouchet, a reminder to us all to keep reaching out to the absent, dormant and AWOL pax.

Sludge led us out.

Lucky Charms, Sludge, Pacer, Dr. Evil, Crankbait, Checkbook, and YHC decamped to the Olympic for Coffeeteria, before meeting up with Gilmore and his 2.0 and the prodigal pax formerly known as Rainbow, to cat burgle a second story apartment into a waiting moving truck in a swift 50 minutes.  Many hands make light work!

Always a joy to participate and an honor to lead.

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