2018-05-10 Flashbang Friday “Back” Blast – Brewster’s Millions

Backblasts after Q’ing was so last Q….so this is my attempt to predict the future with a pre-backblast…(that and I won’t have time to do a backblast after the workout…)  So here goes my prediction as to how things will go tomorrow….

24 Pax braved the over the top preblast about Brewster’s millions….It was at this time that Lucky Charms informed the pax that the images YHC put on Slack were not from the original Brewster’s millions which played back in 45….


Then YHC asked the Pax to assemble into groups of 4…Given what happened on Wednesday there was a lot of mumblechatter, confusion, and one attempted Coup by Crankbait….after the rebellion was squashed…

it was 5:30 and with no FNGs we moseyed to the cul-de-sac for:

20x Side Straddle Hop

14x Super Fast Abe Vigodas (4x Really Fast to troll Gilmore…who couldn’t contain his rage…then 10 super slow Abes…)

10x Super Slow Cotton Pickers

15x Sun Gods Each way

Then Send off the groups for them to each complete their tasks….YHC expects full on confusion as if FloRida himself dreamed this up..this is a window into the future of what Fortran looks like during the explanation…

And the exercises are:

100x Burpees (Anywhere)

200x Merkins (Anywhere)

200x Squats (Anywhere)

200x Dips (Anywhere)…it should be noted that the Presbyterians in the crowd were quite good at these…

200x Single Count LBCs (Anywhere)…no mumblechatter here…however Dr. Evil (even if not in Dean’s group) comments on how Dean’s form looks like Cyndy Crawford…

2 Miles of Running (12 total laps on Track)…Special Ed or maybe Flounder was caught on tape…and could be seen from the moon sporting the yellow reflective wear.

8x Bear crawl down and back at Basketball court (between the inbounds lines)…Much mumblechatter about shoulders hurting, etc. etc.  Just fueling the Q’s future workout enthusiasm…Here is a chart of mumblechatter and Dean’s happiness…

8x Lunge Tennis Courts Down and Back (Fence to fence)…Far side, confused as ever tried to lead his team to the basketball court for these…. notice also the tiger paw…

16x Hills (Pick a hill…up and down is 1)…the Q’s name was taken in vain here by numerous PAX who wanted the hill spelled out for them…Here was Chipper’s Group:

And here was Lucky’s group:

80x Monkey Humpers in Cadence at School Flagpole by main entrance.

200x Step-ups at Convalescence center (100 each leg)..

If you were to finish early then, in line with the movie:

John Candy invested 10 million and got you 10 million more to spend…do 200x more Dips…

You won the Mayor race…a job is an asset…Do 60x Burpees.

Still done…rinse and repeat…

At promptly 6:10am, the PAX returned to the basketball court for Mary’s….

Then the Q gave everyone who finished the exercises Capri Suns…all inspired from that one time that FloRida brought Juice boxes…

Prayer Requests/Announcements:

-Help move after workout on Saturday – See FloRida

An Honor to predict the future…


Other Bold predictions:

– Mulligan institutes his namesake to skip one of the pain stations.

-Gilmore has to leave his group early (granted this isn’t a bold prediction).

-Getting into groups of 4 before 5:30 am goes swimmingly…

-Mall cop wears non-HPU gear

-Crawdaddy doesn’t mention Matt Biondi during warmarama.