Backblast: Red, White & Boom (Chaos ensues)

19 men posted for this morning’s workout (Dean, Epstein, Red Hot, Fanny Pack, Deliverance, Crankbait, Checkbook, Joey Herman (FNG), Gilmore, Pacer, Fortran, Flounder, Chipper, Mulligan, Sludge, Kay, Dr. Evil, Byrider (on loan from Oak Ridge), Blue Hen).  After YHC recited the F3 mission statement and disclaimer (or something close), coupons per prescribed and we all moseyed to the basketball court for:


  • SSH x 25
  • Imperial Walkers x 15
  • Abe Vigodas x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 20

Mosey to the playground for The Thing:

  • After clearly explaining that we would partner up and that Partner 1 would stay at the playground and do 5 wall jump ups and 5 inverted row from swings/pull up and run to relieve Partner 2 at shelter… chaos ensued

  • Partner 2 ran to the shelter at the back of the park where they would do 6 different exercises AMRAP with coupons until relieved by Partner 1 and run counter clockwise to the playground
    • Those exercises were
      • Curls
      • Tricep Curls
      • WWII Sit Ups
      • Lunge w/twist
      • Sumo Squat
      • Booya Merkins

Mulligan was confused and thought   

but Kay straightened us out with proper curling form.

Eventually confusion ended, & by the time we started WWII’s we were totally in sync.             

Dean started showing off with the Sumo squats.


…but about that time Gilmore left to do his squats in private.

We then returned the coupons to the closet, and moseyed to the basketball court for an abbreviated Mary.

American Hammer x 25

YHC had perfect form.

Name-A-Rama: Our FNG today was Joey Herman – after reluctantly discussing family (wife & 2 girls), church (MSUMC), job (HR – Pink Slip?) and other aspects of his life (golf, guitar), and realizing that he had no tattoos, we resorted to his appearance and named him: TOOL TIME.  Welcome TOOL TIME.

Image result for tool time

COT: Crankbait led us out with prayers for Reggie Turner (stomach cancer & stroke), Fanny Pack’s dad, strength and guidance.

It is always an honor to lead this group of men.  – B.H.