Poison Ivey Backblast – 5/2/18 – Musical Instruments

Seventeen PAX (Checkbook, Flounder Fortran, Blue Hen, Tenderfoot, Thin Mint, Epstein, Sprinkler, Dr. Evil, Dean, Kay, Lucky Charms, Tarde, Fergie, Mulligan, Red Hot, Deliverance (Q)) joined in to learn some details about the musical instruments Deliverance has at his house.

With some PAX (Dr. Evil) staring enviously at my 1980’s vintage fanny pack and with a promise to not mess up my new shoes like Tarde, I stated the mission of F3 and gave a brief disclaimer and we took a lap around the lower parking lot to prepare for Warmorama:

SSH’s – 15 IC

Abe Vigoda’s (Dean style) – 15

Hillbilly’s – 15 IC

Sun gods (sobriety style) – 15 each direction

Cotton Pickers – 15 IC

Peter Parker’s – 15 IC

Indian Run in two lines to the concession stand by the softball fields for the main event.  Lucky Charms, barely recognizable sporting his new lean hairdo, blazed from the back to the front of the line with zero wind resistance.  Epstein can learn from this streamline hairdo.  And Dean later stating that Lucky Charms has the women literally falling for him now at the home.

THE THANG:  Random PAX took turns pulling a slip of paper out of the vintage fanny pack to learn about a musical instrument and do some exercises (can’t remember the exact order, but they are listed below):

Piano:  There are 36 black keys on a piano, so we did 36 Merkins.

Image result for gif liberace

(The great Liberace).

Ukulele:  There are 4 strings on a ukulele, but 4 is a low number, so we doubled it and did Eights (Derkins / WW I’s).

Image result for gif tiny tim

(Tiny Tim looking like he is in pain.  Must have been the Derkins).

Saxophone:  There are 23 keys on an alto saxophone, so we did 23 SSH’s (IC).

Image result for gif saxophone

(No comment needed).

Guitar:  There are 22 frets on a guitar, so we did 22 Low Flutters (IC).

Image result for gif guitar back

(What I look like pretty much every Sunday shredding in church).

Piano:  There are 52 white keys on a piano, so we did 52 Carolina Dry Docks (much complaining about the quantity, so I almost doubled it since this is actually the second piano my M has owned).

Image result for gif piano funny

(Is that Sprinkler?  No it is Bill Nye the Science Guy).

Trumpet:  There are 3 valves on a trumpet.  I have owned 3, so 3 x 3 = 9 Burpees.  Complaining from Dean about who needs 3 trumpets.

Related image

(The great Dizzy “Cheeks” Gillespie).

Guitar:  There are 6 strings on a guitar and I currently own 4, so 6 x 4 = 24 Step-ups (12 each leg).

Image result for gif guitar

(Lucky Charms rippin’ on a double-neck guitar before his hair cut).

Banjo:  There are 5 strings on a banjo, and I have owned two, so 5 x 2 = 10 Monkey Humpers (IC).

Image result for banjo deliverance gif

(Me pickin’ and grinnin’ (well not really grinnin’) while relaxing on the back porch).

Mandolin:  There are 8 strings on a mandolin, so we did Eights (Dips/Freddy Mercurys IC).

Image result for gif mandolin

(When I play the mandolin ANGRY).

Flute:  There are 16 keys on my M’s flute, so we did 16 Copperhead Squats.  I managed to stop the obvious “This one time at band camp…..” mumblechatter before it started.

Image result for gif flute american pie

Currently, there are 11 instruments in my house, so we did 11 Peter Parkers (IC).

Running the parking lot lines to kill some time:

Three Bobby Hurleys at each main parking line as we ran from one side to the other.

One Burpee at each main parking line as we ran from one side to the other.

Mosey to lower lot for Mary:

LBC’s – 20 IC


Cindy Crawfords – 15 IC on each side

Box Cutters – 15 IC

American Hammers – 20 IC

Prayers / Announcements

Kay asked for prayers for the Lineberry family as they experience difficult times, Mulligan’s co-worker having prostate surgery, Tarde’s scout member who broke his femur, Tenderfoot’s nephew who is at the NC Boys Academy.

Tarde mentioned that help is needed this Saturday morning to load a trailer for Next Step Ministries.  Look for the exact time on Slack.

Dr. Evil encouraged all to join the Tuesday morning “Faith” portion of F3 at the 66 Diner at 5:30 a.m.

The first Beer & Hymns gathering is this Sunday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m at the Brewer’s Kettle.

Thanks to Tarde for leading us out.

YHC, Deliverance