2018 04 Pain in the Park, Tick Tock

Seven LOYAL Pax, not to be confused with the fartsacking type, met in a brisk morning to enjoy a bit of a workout.  After being advised that YHC had said “5:30” in the pre-blast, the low turnout can be attributed to the Q’s misinformation.

PAX: Gilmore, Blue Hen, Crankbait, Epstein, Lucky Charms, Checkbook, Dr. Evil (Q)

Kudos to Gilmore who moved back from the circle to kill a squirrel with a backblast of his own.  Thank you.

The Pax all chipped in to carry 5 pavers and 2 C channel coupons.

And  the workout went a little like this:


  1. SSH’s, 25 IC
  2. Sun Gods, 30 IC, Reverso, Sobriety Style –not appreciated by Checkbook at all…
  3. Don Quixotes, 15 IC (The anti-tempo form)
  4. Imperial Walkers, 20 IC

Mosey to Track

Pair Up

One partner participates in the clock second hand plank circle.  With all of the “partner 1’s” in a circle essentially shoulder to shoulder, move the paver in a clockwise direction from pax to pax while partner 2, the minute hand, works his way around the clock.  The Partner 1 group stays in a plank moving the paver until Partner 2 returns….

Partner 2 moves from station to station, completing the number of exercises corresponding to the position on the clock.

Twelve Stations

  1. Plank Destroyer (shoulder taps, Makhtar N’Diaye’s, Plank Jack, Merkin)
  2. Prisoner get ups
  3. Burpees (pleasant, really, when there are only 3)
  4. Lt. Dans
  5. Hills, Backwards up and Forwards Down (crowd favorite)
  6. Pull Ups
  7. Squats with Coupon (30lb)
  8. Merkins
  9. Split Squats IC (Epstein had great form…)

 Image result for running man dance gif

10. WWI’s

11. Curls with Coupon (paver), IC

12. Monkey Humpers

Repeato for 3 reps

Alas, the song list did not include Hootie and the Goldfish :), but all did include some reference to time.  Blue Hen, if you really need it, here it is:

Hootie, “Time…”

Mosey to the Warm Up Cul de Sac…strike that, Cat Lady was there.  TClaps to Lucky Charms who brought back two of the pavers.On to the Tennis/Basketball courts for:


  • American Hammer, 25 IC
  • Slow Low Flutters, 20IC
  • American Hammer, 15IC
  • Slow Low Flutters, 15 IC
  • American Hammer, 10 IC

It was noted that the blue hairs, I mean, RESPECTS, outnumbered the others today in the workout.

Prayer Concerns, Announcements:

  • Special Ed, eye troubles and M having to carry the load at the house.
  • Pilgrimage coming up May 17th through the weekend.  Please consider talking to Blue Hen and Crankbait who are working the weekend.  It’s amazing.
  • Epstein’s 2.0 is having her birthday today!

Crankbait led us out…

Gentleman, it is always an honor.

Dr. Evil