“Administrative Professional Appreciation Day” Backblast for Poison Ivy 4-25-2018

PAX=16: Gilmore, Checkbook, Spinkler, Deliverance, Kay, Sludge, High Heels, Dr. Evil, Epstein, Crawdaddy, Mulligan, Dean, Flounder, Lucky Charms, Chipper, Tarde (Q)


  • SSH x20IC
  • Don Quixotes x20IC
  • Dean Vigodas x10IC
  • Nancy Kerrigan x10IC fwd and x10IC rev

The THANG part 1:

  • Mosey to baseball dugouts for Balls to the Walls until Omaha called.
  • Mosey up path toward Lacrosse fields.  Stopped at top of hill for Monkey Humpers x20IC.
  • Cross Country Track, main path between the Lacrosse fields: Bear Indian Crawl.  Pax forms 2 lines.  Bear crawl length of Lacrosse field, with person at end of line running up to the front of line.

The THANG part 2:

  • Mosey around the Cross Country Track, stopping periodically to regroup and excercise, holding plank or Al Gore at each stop, with the following stops
  • Hand Release Merkins x20-ish (with Chilcutt variant thrown in for fun)
  • Moon Gods x10 each side
  • Monkey Humpers x20IC

The THANG part 3:

  • Mosey on the road, with 5 Burpees at each light pole, for approx 6-8 poles, for approx 30-40 total, and stopped at the Lacrosse entrance.
  • Mosey on the road, with 1 Bobby Hurley at each light pole, for approx 6-8 poles, and stopped at the Soccer entrance to park


  • Freddy Merc x20IC
  • Leg Raises x20
  • LBCs x20
  • Heel Touches x19
  • 100’s x20
  • AH x20


  • At the shelter we gathered for announcements, prayers, and fellowship with coffee and a home-made cake in honor of Admin Assistant Appreciation Day.
  • Prayers: Nashville shooting victims (Sludge’s co-worker’s relative), Cancer Warriors (member of Kay’s church), and people thankful for their jobs during an uncertain time (Deliverance)
  • Announcements: T-shirt orders for the special Uganda shirt must be made by next week on Monday April 30.  Sign up on the Q sheet with your size.  See Kay for any questions.

I led us out with a prayer:  Very thankful for this F3 group, we prayed for each of the concerns lifted up, and we prayed that each of the men in attendance will be relieved of burdens and empowered to make a difference as HIM.

Aye, Tarde

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