2018-04-23 Red White & Boom Preblast – Around the AO in 80 Minutes – Part 2

Inspired by the 24 Brave PAX from the last go-around…we will be completing our around the AO in 80 minutes tomorrow…assuming Phileas Fogg rolls like HIPAA did last time….(FORTRAN BE WARNED…he asked for special warning to avoid round #2).

What: A Crawdaddy Inspired Workout…5 minutes of warm-up and 40 minutes of exploration!

When: 5:25 mumblechatter, 5:29 disclaimer if necessary, 5:30 start

Where: Fourth of July Park

Weather: 51 Degrees…slight chance of rain…come prepared as it will go on rain or shine…OR, you can modify on your own to the convalescent center.  Workout will not be provided, but a steady dose of dips, derkins, irkins, lunges, squats, and abs should satisfy those not brave enough to weather the elements!

Why: To finish what we started…

Who: All K-Ville PAX…and Hopefully HIPAA, our last Phileas Fogg who had the die rolling skill of a pro…See you all in the gloom…

Dean (Known to some as F3-Horshack)

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