BackBlast: Red White & Boom

Tarde, FloRida, Sludge, Kay, Dr. Evil, Deliverance, Thin Mint, Flounder, Pacer, Gilmore, Crank Bait, Mulligan, TenderFoot, CheckBook, BlueHen, Fortran, Red Hot, Epstein, Special Ed (QIC)

So I signed up for another Monday.  I like the Monday workout and leading it.  Not sure if you like me leading it, but hey, the Q sheet was open.

When I Q, I can’t sleep, so I am able to arrive much earlier than normal, or needed.  In short sleeves, I should have stayed in the car with the damp and cool conditions.  Or, I should have taken a wardrobe Q from Tarde.  Does it have the snaps to hold it in place?

TClaps to Checkbook and Sludge for the extra credit work put in.

With no FNGs in sight, and the PAX well adjusted to the disclaimer not verbalized, we were off.  The warm up circle seemed occupied with construction equipment, so on a little further to the large lot.

Warm A Rama

Hillbillys 18 IC

CopperHead Squats 18IC


Toy Soldiers 18IC

Cotton Pickers 18IC

The Thang

The original design of the workout was to be on the track, but the dry parking lot seemed like a better fit.  PAX were instructed to partner up, run opposite each other (clock-wise, counter clock-wise) to the sign at the top of the lot, perform the following

10 Merkins, 10 Bobby Hurleys, 10 Peter Parkers, 10LBCs, 10 High Knees

Run Opposite, meet back at start for 9s, then 8s,….all the way down to 1s.

Go back up the ladder. I don’t think “Rinse and Repeat” are words the PAX ever want to hear, and about the only mumblechatter I heard this morning.

We were able to climb the ladder back up to 10

Mosey to Far Side’s Tennisbasketball courts

Low Slow Flutters 18IC

Cindy Crawfords 18IC each side (missed you Dean)

Hammers 25IC …


It is funny to listen to the recording and all the out of breath PAX during Name-a-rama.  Oh wait, that is just me trying to catch my breath….


Praise to my M for 18 blissful years of marriage. #OUTKICKEDMYCOVERAGE

ALS walk and Dr. Evil’s cousin’s wife

Prayer for those affected by the tornado

Fergie and his M

Gilmore took us out in prayer

A pleasure to be able to lead,

Special Ed

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