Back Blast – Pain in the Park – 4/14/18

As a disclaimer, my back blast skills have a LONG way to go to catch up to the rest of the crew.  Today got full quickly, so here is what I’ve got.

PAX: FloRida, YoYo, Epstein, Lucky Charms, Tarde, Pacer, Sludge, Spurrier, Jordache, Tenderfoot, Checkbook, Thin Mint, Doubtfire (YHC)

13 PAX, including YHC for his VQ, showed up on a fantastic weather morning for a bit of a beat down. Since the main park entrance was again closed for construction, we started in the side lot next to the basketball courts.  PAX were instructed to get coupons (Lucky Charms was really excited to find more coupons) to be ready for the fun.  There was some mumble chatter wondering what we were going to be doing and Lucky Charms noticed YHC studying a paper in front of him, FloRida commented that he was sure that Doubtfire planned well ahead of time.  Even as the best plans are made, sometimes you get nervous and go astray, such as when YHC forgot the part of the disclaimer about modifying as necessary.  Even so, we still moseyed to the parking lot in front of the Dr. Evil memorial convalescent center for the Warm-o-Rama.


  • Sun gods, forward small circles, sobriety style, with coupons in hand (10x)
  • Sun gods, revers, small circles, sobriety style, with coupons in hand (10x)
  • YHC demonstrated a new one he called Drop-N-Touch that wasn’t part of the F3 Lexicon.  The PAX understood this very well, all things considering, though there was some chatter wondering if this came from an aerobics video (it did not) (15x)
  • Van Goghda (15x)
  • Chinook squats (15x)

We then moseyed, with coupons, to the back parking lot by the baseball field for:

Thang 1 – Twin Towers of Trust

PAX formed two lines , facing each other and held coupons straight out towards the PAX in front of them without touching, forming a tunnel.  One by one, PAX at one end of the line bear crawled with coupons through the tunnel to the other end of the line, where they stand up and join the end of the line holding their coupons out in front of them.  This continued until all PAX had made it through the tunnel.  Chatter was medium with this exercise and several wondered if they should have hard hats for this exercise.  Thankfully, no PAX dropped their coupons, but a few did get their feet stepped on by the coupons in the front paws of some bear crawling PAX. (There must have been some scores to settle here, but YHC was unaware of what they were)  YHC considered going longer, but felt my life might be in danger if I did.

I did happen to find a hat that Lucky Charms can use next time, though I’m not sure it would prevent a dropped coupon from hurting him.

hat GIF

With that, we moseyed with coupons to the parking lot in front of the football field for:

Thang 2 – 3 stations of pain

PAX numbered out by 3’s and headed to their respective stations.  Each station would be visited 3 times by each group.  Each station had a sheet outlining what was to be done at each visit, including instructions for going between stations

Station 1

  • 1st time => 10 burpees, 20 plank jacks
  • 2nd time => 30 merkins, 40 squat with coupons
  • 3rd time => 50 lunge walks, 60 plank jacks (single count)
  • PAX plank until group is finished
  • Grapevine (Crossovers, apparently, but neither is on F3 list) to next station

Station 2

  • 1st time => 10 Leg Raises, 20 plank jacks
  • 2nd time =>30 crunchy frogs with coupons, 40 100’s
  • 3rd time => 50 LBC’s, 60 Imperial Walkers (single count)
  • PAX Al Gore until group is finished
  • PAX run to station 3

Station 3

  • CLIMB station –
    • Crab Cakes IC
    • Lunges
    • Iron Cross (with coupons)
    • Mountain Climbers IC
    • Burpees
  • 1st time => 1 CC, 2 L, 3 IC, 4 MC, 5 B
  • 2nd time => 2 CC, 4 L, 6 IC, 8 MC, 10 B
  • 3rd time => 3 CC, 6 L, 9 IC, 12 MC, 15 B
  • PAX reverse plan until group is finished
  • PAX Nur back to station 1

Mumble chatter ranged from not knowing what a couple of exercises were (Leg Raises and Iron Cross…Looks like YHC needs to study harder and give better instructions next time) to wanting to throw some coupons at YHC between the 2nd and third time around (must be doing something right if the PAX are complaining)

With Tax Day imminently upon us, Sludge was trying to convince other PAX in his group to do slurpees instead of burpees

press conference slurpee GIF by Chris Timmons

YHC asked FloRida to lead us in a 15 count to finish out Thang 2

We then moseyed, carrying coupons, to the basketball courts via the front lawn of the school and the sidewalk to start Mary

  • Supermans (10x)
  • Freddie Mercury (15x)
  • Cindy Crawfords (10x each side)
  • Reverse crunch (15x)
  • American Hammers (15x)

Prayer Concerns

  • Yo-Yo’s wife lost her grandmother yesterday.  She was close to her and it was her last grandparent.  Doing OK, but feeling it.
  • Dr. Evil at the ALS walk in Greenville today
  • Tenderfoot’s co-scout leader David had shoulder surgery yesterday and is struggling with the effects of some of the medicine.


  • Lucky Charms became a grandfather for the first time yesterday
  • $235 donated to Dr Evil’s coworker…thank you!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead today, everyone.  It was fun and an honor to lead today.

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