Backblast – Baseball at Ivey

PAX:  Gilmore, Tarde, Spicoli, Fortran, Lucky Charm, Deliverance, Tenderfoot, Sludge, Sprinkler, Epstein, Bondo, Crankbait, Thin Mint, Florida, Dean, Red Hot, Crawdaddy, Chipper, Checkbook, Flounder, Mall Cop, Kryptonite, FNG, & Mulligan (QIC)

23 plus your VQ  arrived at the ball park for an early morning game.  With a  very brief disclaimer to our FNG we moseyed up to left field.  Since this was my first Q I wanted to make it as memorable as possible; maybe I will not feel the pressure from Dean for a while.  I did hear a lot of requests for Thin Mint, just saying.  Ok back to the Backblast.


Annies, Finkle Swings, The Chinook, Sumo Squats, & Hillbillies.   I heard a bit of mumblechatter and do recall Florida acknowledging my research on and other’s interest in my daily schedule.  I realized with the Finkle Swings this group is somewhat uncoordinated and unbalanced (Q included), may need 12 MOM.  After enjoying a SSH free Warm-O-Rama (you’re welcome, Sludge) it was time to play ball.

The Thang:

Four teams of six were created with one team moseying to 1st base, another to 2nd and so on.  Each base had an assigned exercise and each team had to accomplish a total of 180 reps (30 each PAX) before the team could advance to the next base.  The exercises;
– 1st – Merkins
– 2nd – Squats
– 3rd – Crab Cakes IC
– Home – Carolina Dry Docks
– Rinse and repeat

At the top of the next inning the Q caused confusion in an attempt to reassign the teams.  It all worked out in the end but I could have just left the teams alone.

One team began at 1st base doing AMRAP lunges until relieved, 2nd base doing AMRAP merkins until relieved, 3rd base doing crunchy frogs until relieved and at home plate 9 plank destroyers then running to first relieving the team there and this was continued until Sweet Caroline played over the speaker (I think one-ish circuit).

The mumblechatter picked up significantly during The Thang due to the number of merkins.  I will remind the PAX, baseball is merkin’s favorite pastime.

From there we moseyed back to left field to begin 6 MOM.  I promptly requested no merkins from the Friday Q.


Dolly, Protractor, Nolan Ryans, Monkey Crunches, & American Hammers.


We did have one FNG, Hunter ?? who is a student at East Forsyth and shared his passion for wrestling and BMX racing.  Several great names were suggested; Glow, Singlet, and Cauliflower.  The group consensus landed on Cauliflower (it’s supposed to suck), although Dean didn’t get it.
So, for Dean; Cauliflower ear is an acquired deformity of the ear caused by blunt force trauma or other injury, such as what may occur during a boxing or wrestling match.

Welcome Cauliflower, hope to see you again.

– The great aunt of Florida’s wife turned 100 Saturday, “still sharp as a tac.”
– Thin Mint awarded Eagle Scout this past Sunday.
– Tenderfoot also received his Eagle Scout after 20 years of trying (it was a BOGO).
– Maggie, Dean’s daughter, received a good report on her heart

– Bondo’s wife Tracy,  for her continued search for hip relief
– Reggie, the receiver of the Saturn just before Christmas who may be having car trouble

And I apologize as I did not note who led us out this morning.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q and I have enjoyed the last several weeks joining the PAX in the gloom.

See you Friday,