2018-04-12 Half-blast Cream Puff Challenge

(3) Brave Pax and YHC, totaling (4) arose early to take on the Cream Puff Challenge for the second time…Here were the PAX:





And YHC (Dean):

It began with Flounder informing YHC that he had been up since 4:30 am with “Dean” on the mind…terrifying to think about the nightmare that would be….We then moseyed to the cul-de-sac for quick Mary:

15x Side straddle Hop

10x G…i…l…m…o….r….e V…i….g….o….d…..a……s

15x Sun Gods each way

10x Hill billy

13x Cotton Picker, Seam Ripper

Then Mosey to the starting track for the main event…the cream puff challenge…see below

It began with Flounder taking the early lead through the burpees…then Gilmore and Crawdaddy began to pull away a little bit at the bear crawl/lunges…But YHC and Flounder kept pace…it ended with a 3-way tie at the top with Flounder nipping at our heels:

Round #1 Results:

Flounder: 10:11

Gilmore: 9:46

Crawdaddy: 9:46

Dean: 9:46

We then took a 3 minute break

and then started round #2, where crawdaddy and Gilmore took it to another level….

Round #2 Results:

Crawdaddy: 9:12

Gilmore: 9:32

Dean: 9:44

Flounder: 11:12 (Fighting through back pain too…and still with the great finish!)

This was Crawdaddy and Gilmore as they waited for Flounder and I:

It was an amazing effort by all PAX.  Much trash talking of the fartsacking, high point, oak ridge, or summerfield PAX was had.

We then did Mary’s at the “Tennis Court”

12x Pretzel Crunch led by Gilmore

10x WWI led by Flounder

10x Dying Cockroaches by Crawdaddy

15x American Hammers by Dean

An honor to torpedo other Thursday morning events for the sake of Q’ing,


PS – Special thanks to Flounder, Gilmore, and Crawdaddy for Humoring YHC by coming out!

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