BACKBLAST: Red White & Boom

PAX: Kay, Sludge (YHC, Admin to the Stars), Flounder, Thin Mint, Gilmore, Tender Foot, CrankBait, Deliverence, KandyKane, Blue Hen, Fortran, Mulligan, Pacer, Dr. Evil, Epstein, Red Hot, Dean, Special Ed (QIC)

My apologies to Special Ed for the delay in producing his BackBlast.  (When you have to sell as many pumps as I do everyday just to pay Special Ed’s salary, I don’t have enough time to do much else in life…)

17 PAX plus YHC gathered at the Flag after some of us got a little extra credit run in.  Little did I know, I didn’t need the extra credit run after dealing with hills on The Thang.

With no disclaimer, because Special Ed said PAX have received it before, we moseyed to the warm up circle.  (He did say we could modify….)

Warm A Rama:

ABEs Slow 15IC

Sun God’s Sobriety Style 15IC Each Direction

Cotton Pickers 15IC

SSH 15IC….you were doing so well Special Ed, then you had to add these in…don’t you know I hate these? And your counting was too slow for the PAX’s liking.  Don’t cave next time and speed up just because they start complaining. (If its one thing I can’t stand is a complainer). If you aren’t hearing complaining you aren’t Q’ing right.

Mosey to the outdoor classroom:

We were told to partner up with equal ability partner.  (I guess I’ll slow down some to equal Pacer today and partner with him)

Partner 1 Runs counter clockwise Hill, Benches, Porte Cochere

Partner 2 Runs clockwise Porte Cochere, Benches, Hill

Set 1

10 Bobby Hurleys

5 Reverse Hills

10 Dips

10 WWI Situps

10 BooYaa Merkins with partner…plank until they arrive

Rinse and Repeat

Set 2

10 Monkey Humpers

5 Forward Hills

10 Derkins (D in Derkins Red Hot is for Downward….not sure what you were attempting)

10 LBCs IC

10 BooYaa Merkins with partner…plank until they arrive

Rinse and Repeat

Set 3

10 Squats

5 Reverse Hills

I’m just going to leave this right here….modification wasn’t suppose to hurt

10 Irkins

10 Peter Parkers

10 BooYaa Merkins with partner…plank until they arrive

Rinse and Repeat

It should be noted, at this point, Gilmore, AKA Mt. Vesuvius complained “There are other parts of the park you know”… I guess he was concerned he wasn’t near the bathrooms.

Set 4

10 Prisoner Get-Ups

(Self portrait of YHC modifying!)

5 Hills

10 Step-ups (each leg)

10 Parker Peters

10 BooYaa Merkins with partner…plank until they arrive


25 Hammers


Prayers for Alexis, Dean’s daughter, Dr. Evil’s ALS walk in Greenville Saturday, Rainbow’s Great Niece missing a valve in her heart, Pacer’s daughter doing ok (2 visits to the ER Friday), Lenny Robbins (retired Fire Fighter at Main St. UMC), HIPA

Humbled and honored to help out Special Ed…

Sludge, YHC

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