Backblast – Pain in the Park – The House always wins (Redux) – Sat. 4/7/18

Backblast – Pain in the Park – Saturday 4/7/18

The House Always Wins – Redux-

Re-release – Digitaly Remastered – Dolby Surround sound
– Not filmed in Panavision.

Pax: Dr. Evil, Tarde, Gilmore, Florida, Lucky Charm, Epstein, Dean,  & Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

Gather: 8 of Kernersville’s most daring assembled to see if they could beat the odds and get a workout in before the rain.. . No FNG, no disclaimer announced a mosey.


SSH – 15(IC), Imperial Walkers 15 (IC) Dean Vigotas 1 – Pax was then polled and agreed to take a short mosey to get heart rate up ahead of the incoming rain.  It went well in spite of not knowing where the pax was going at any given turn.



The Thang:

Heading into the Dr. Evil Memorial convalescence Center – the dice action began in earnest.  Under the following house rules:



Pax member rolls dice- that roll is multiplied times the higher of the two die to determine reps.

After completion – Pax member rolls against the house.

Pax member wins the roll-off group moves to the next exercise.  House wins Pax must repeat.  Tie means double the number on the repeat.

Exercises – 1. Split Jacks

2. Burpees –  which unfortunately produced our lowest count of the day and a Pax win.

3. Step ups – which in contrast produced a roll of 40 and then a loss to repeat that 40.

4. 4X4’s – A total disaster when a number of 35 came up – almost killing the entire pax – then wouldn’t you know it- House won.  Omaha called after another 10..

Pax then voted to mosey to the amphitheater benches and see some of the countryside as the air was getting a little stale in the Conv. Center (no offense Gilmore and Lucky Charms).

5. Derkins – Luckily we had not done any shoulders at that point. – Pax lost repeat

6. Orangutans Humpers (incorrectly called by QIC as Gorilla)  either way the love was felt.

7. Erkins – Because your shoulders had one set off.  Which unfortunately produced another loss for the pax who knocked out another 40 (80 total).  K‘s name was brought up for some reason regarding form and wrist flexing?

You got this lil’ buddy..


8. Hill run with Burpee at each end.  To stay out of the mud (because the QIC and Evil have new shoes.. have you heard about Evil‘s new shoes?  Hey guys.. he got new shoes) we ran a flat hill in the parking lot.  Another loss for the Pax was about all they could take.  That and Evil (who’s got new.. nevermind) kissed a worm several times, which did not go well for either party.

“Come give Daddy a hug”…

9. WW1’s – back at the “center” a roll of 40 produced some solid ab work, and when the Pax lost the roll produced even more

10.  Carolina Dry Docks – just one last time to let the shoulders know how much you hate them..   For some reason no one wanted to continue..


Low flutters, Marge and Homer, Dying Cockroaches and American Hammers

Prayers and Praise:

Tarde’s friend Chris – keep him in your prayers.  Lilly Pacer’s daughter who broke her foot.  Hayden and Rita in Epstein’s family.  Dean’s daughter Maggie who goes to Brenner’s next week.




QIC  led us out.

Tarde then led a nice devotional which he as published to Slack.. Which was only briefly interrupted by a squirrel who believed that Epstein‘s hair was the nest of his birth and was intent on going home.


Always a pleasure gents  – Crawdaddy

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