Red White & Boom    Monday April 2, 2018


17 Lucky Pax members with the Q.  Posted this morning to clip coupons.

Lucky Charms did not post this morning because when he heard there were going to be coupons he stayed up all night clipping his out.


Pax: Dean, Fortran, Deliverance, Chipper, Blue Hen, Epstein, FloRida, Dr. Evil, Red Hot, Gilmore, Hardy, Tramp stamp, Flounder, Sprinkle, Check Book, Pacer



Q: Sludge


With Coupons in hand we took a short Mosey to the circle for  warmarama.



Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods (little circles frontwards, big circles backwards)



The Thang


We counted off into 3’s and got with our groups and we stayed put in the circle.

1st Pax member in their line will have the Large coupon and will do the exercise that is called and then they will pass the large coupon down the line until it reaches the lines 6.  If you do not have the large coupon you should have 2 small coupons and you are doing the exercise that is called until the end.

After each set is complete we all took a lap.


Exercise 1

Large- Curls qty 15

Small- Iron Cross


Exercise 2

Large- Wonder Bra’s

Small- Curls


Exercise 3

Large- Overhead Triceps Ext.

Small- Shrugs


Exercise 4

Large- Bent Rowes

Small- Up right Rowes


Exercise 5

Large- Military Press

Small- Lying Fly



Pretzel Crunches

Cindy Crawford’s

Low Flutters




Prayer Request and Praises

  1. Pray for 8yr Hayden
  2. Easter Monday


Gilmore led us out.

It is always an honor to lead this group.