2018-03-30 Flashbang Friday Backblast – We Did it! Well Half of it

24 PAX braved the journey around the AO in 80 minutes…Part 1 of 2 (Fortran requested warning of when Part 2 will be so he can avoid…it’s next time I Q)

Epstein, Hardy, Tramp Stamp, Yo Yo, Check Book, Mulligan, Kryptonite, Dr. Evil, Red Hot, Cottontail, Lucky Charms, Deliverance, Flounder, FloRida, Gilmore, Fortran, Sludge, Chipper, Spicoli, Sprinkler, Candy Cane, Anthony Pike (FN3…I mean FNG), Kay, Dean (Q) [Special thanks to Kay, my new administrative assistant, for recording and sending this…Tarde, as your admin assistant, you can feel free to use Kay too]

We began with the usual mumblechatter and the Q learned there was an FNG…So a quick F3 mission statement was issued with the help of Sludge.  Before beginning the workout though, we had to select our Phileas Fogg (our FNG HIPAA was selected) to lead our Journey around the AO in 80 minutes.  His efforts would either doom or advance our mission through the rolling of a dice (but he was a straight baller, so the perfect Phileas).  We then commenced with a quick mosey to Far Side’s Tennis courts for the warmarama:

25x Side Straddle Hops (at this point a pax that must have read the preblast noted that warmarama was going to last a lot longer than 5 mins…)

15x Sun Gods Each way

10x Abe Vigodas (So slow that even Gilmore was happy with them…Kay wondered if we would be doing mary’s afterwards…)

Then 15x Seam Ripper (Cotton Picker, Whatever you want to call it)

We then stayed at the Tennis courts for a shuttle drill (NOT SHUFFLE DRILL…YHC misspoke) while partners did Chill-cut planks…

We then moseyed to the field for AMRAP merkins while partner ran down and back 2x…here is what I could capture on video:

Then, Phileas Fogg rolled an even number (even advance to next station, odd go back to previous station)…We advance!  Great job Phileas!

Then a quick mosey to the bridge for 10x Burpees and 20x Squats on your own…YHC’s form below…

Then Phileas with another EVEN die roll!

Then we moseyed to the playground where interestingly enough a REAL obstacle was encountered…

The ever improvising Q moved us past the construction zone and found a spot to do 10x Monkey Humpers IC (Gilmore on the count) and then 20x Merkins on your own.  Then another Phileas die roll and AGAIN an even number…YHC would like to note that i never saw the die rolls…so it could have been rigged (mulligan at one point did remind us his name can be used at least once per post)….here’s a shot of the PAX glad they didn’t have to go back and do burpees…

We then moseyed to the first shelter for 30x dips and 20x step-ups…10x each leg proved incredibly confusing for some PAX…then, another die roll….and you guessed it, even!  Take this guy to…

We then moseyed to the next shelter for 30x Derkins and 20x step-ups…Sludge commented on how terrible 30x derkins where…meanwhile spicoli did dips…they both start with d?  Then a die roll of ODD!!!!!  The Q was relieved knowing that he had planned on some repeats to fill the time…

We then moseyed to the other bridge for 10x Crab cake and 15x LBC.  Candy cane on the crab cake count caught a lot of hate from Gilmore…but I think Candy cane just invented a new more painful version of the crab cake (good job!).  Then Checkbook on the LBC count…and an even number rolled…back to the winning streak with Phileas reminding me of the Chumbawumba one hit wonder “Tubthumping”

Then a mosey up to the Dr. Evil Memorial Convalescence center for spicoli and red hot to lunge the perimeter while the rest of us lunge in place…and then a DIE roll of ODD….back to the bridge…Phileas down on his luck…

Then back to the bridge to repeat 10x Crab cake, 15x LBC.  The ever-wise, handsome, and sagelike Q instructed Mulligan to do the count, since he will be VQ’ing in a few weeks…#practice

Then a mosey to the actual tennis courts for partner wheel barrow or lunges..here is the only footage I could find of Chipper and Deliverance…

We then moseyed to the cul de sac for Mary’s


9x Cindy Crawfords each side
20x American Hammers

Our FNG was named HIPAA (not Hippa or HIPPA, but HIPAA…I thought it had two P’s too (but the only thing that has two P’s is Lucky Charms during the hours of 12am and 5am))…Welcome to the PAX HIPPA

The above is a Photo of HIPAA i took before leaving

Prayers for YoYo’s client’s dad’s family

FloRida invited people to Main Street Methodist’s Sunrise service 6:30 to 7:15 with breakfast afterward..

The Cross Ruck is this morning…see Gilmore for more info…

LUCKY CHARMS on his VQ tomorrow…here is what you can expect…also I think he was serious about bringing rakes to clean off the track

The workout and then the extra…


An Honor and privilege to lead and gif,