2018-03-30 Flashbang Friday Preblast – Around the AO in 80 Minutes

Inspired by the Jules Verne book Around the World in 80 days…we will be doing Around the AO (AO is F3 lingo for Area of Operations for new PAX) in 80 Minutes…So a two-part workout….

What: A Crawdaddy Inspired Workout…5 Minutes of warm-up and 40 minutes of exploring our AO

When: 5:25 Mumblechatter, 5:29 disclaimer, 5:30 Start

Where: Fourth of July Park

Weather: 63 degrees with 60% chance of rain…THIS IS IMPORTANT, YOU WILL GET WET IF IT RAINS…sorry folks, main workout will get wet, but you can modify to the convalescence center and do your own workout there if you don’t want to get wet.  I will try to keep us as dry as possible, but running in rain will happen.

Why: To relive the classic Jules Verne tale….and have more fun than a barrel full of monkeys…

Who: All the K-Ville PAX.  We also have a special character that is part of the adventure.  For those that don’t know, the main Character in Around the World in 80 days is Phileas Fogg….he is quite possibly the most baller character ever dreamed up…he just doesn’t give a damn about what others think (pardon my French)…So unless we have an FNG (whose name will be “Jules” after Jules Verne, so don’t even suggest anything else), I will instantly nominate a Phileas Fogg myself…they will have special powers that contribute to the success, or failure of our ability to complete the trip around the AO in 80 minutes….all will all depend on that one man…so invite an FNG…

The above guy on the left with the top hat is Phileas Fogg in the 1956 film production of the book.  I mean seriously, who pops champagne on a hot air balloon? Straight ballers do, that’s who…

See you all in the Gloom,